Star Wars (The Sequel Trilogy)

This episode was originally intended to be the conclusion of Triple Play, but as you’ll see, not everything goes the way you think.

We watched these in person, and frankly even though it was so long ago I sill remember that it was some of the most fun we had doing these podcasts. Just hanging out, watching three movies while eating an overpriced pizza. The way Triple Play was supposed to be run. This week for the second to last time, it’s the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy

1:49: Past us didn’t know what was coming, but there will be one more episode for you to enjoy.
3:45: Ironically, ending this podcast does mean we’re ending all the podcasts
15:35: I’m gonna call out Lucas on this, but if you look back when we recorded, as late as 2019 Lucas was pretty adamant about the midichlorians in his original sequel trilogy plans: see this IndieWire article. In the four years since he’s been doing his own revisionist history now indicating that none of that would have happened, and that actually it would have followed Leia battling a resurrected Maul and his apprentice, although a lot of deas (the young female Jedi, Han and Leia’s son turning tot eh dark side) are consistent between both. Wookiepedia has a well cited summary of these claims.
32:17: talking with rian johnson
43:46: The story about John having to audition 9 times, as well as some of the other fun facts we mention, come from this No Film School article.
48:50: Learn more about the secrecy surrounding the filming of these trilogies in The Atlantic article about it.
53:52: Looper was indeed released in 2012.
56:26: Here’s Mark Hamill talking about how he loves The Last Jedi’s interpretation of Luke Skywalker.
1:01:23: Here’s Rian talking about the movies that inspired The Last Jedi on Virgin Media (lol).
1:04:23: I’ve seen Rashoman since we recorded this episode, and yes, its very similar to the three perspectives of Last Jedi.
1:17:49: For example, here’s one article that pulls some information from the behind the scenes of “Rise of Skywalker” documentary.
1:20:05: Here’s the leaked John Williams original cue list for The Rise of Skywalker
1:22:00: I (Dylan) mention the leaker a lot, and figure I should link to all the information that was leaked about JJ’s original vision for Rise of Skywalker. This is the most comprehensive overview I could find. Remember that this is all alleged and the leaker remains anonymous so the veracity of this information is unconfirmed.
1:26:22: I will not link any of these people not showering. It’s gross and stupid and I’m lazy.
1:27:05: This statement about Dwayne having common sense and being one of the best people in hollywood aged poorly.
1:27:53: Here’s an AVClub article on Trevorrows original script for the 9th movie.
1:41:20: “I’m being sarcastic if you can’t tell” This aged well, Andor is fantastic.
1:52:01: There were no tearful goodbyes, only regrets. And in contrast to the previous note, none of these statements aged well.

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CBR about the making of The Force Awakens
Slashflim about the book about the making of The Force Awakens
Making Star Wars about the making of The Force Awakens

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