The Addams Family Trilogy

Badadadum *snap snap*

Yeah, I bet you’re wondering how I got that text to sound exactly like the Addams family song. It’s because I’m a professional sound writer. I bet you didn’t even know that was a thing. Well, it is. I needed a job after the podcast died, and that’s what I ended up doing. This week Kiyan and Dylan talk about the Addams Family trilogy, if you can call it that.

3:08: I won’t link to the third one on YouTube for copyright purposes but I will confirm that it is still there.
4:57: Here, I’ll link directly to the first episode of LEXX on Inevitable.
8:46: Fall Out Boy sampled the Munsters theme on their song, Uma Thurman.
9:29: Surprisingly prescient predictions about teenagers loving the Wednesday aesthetic with the new Wednesday show that’s since come out.
11:42: Much of this information and Angelica Huston’s quotes comes from an interview Angelica Huston gave with The Guardian.
26:43: Here’s a TVTropes link about being billed above the title.
30:22: Here’s the aforementioned Entertainment Weekly article, and the Hollywood Reporter article as well as the Buzzfeed article mentioned in the next sentence.
33:10: Here’s an article from the Washington Post outlining what Dan Quayle said in his speech about the “poverty of values” in America.
46:45: The leaked Michael Jackson song for Addams Family Values was called Family Thing. It’s on YouTube.
56:15: There’s a really fascinating article with information on how Thing was realized on screen, feel free to check it out.
1:09:37: In the two years between when we recorded and released this the Back to the Future Musical made a successful West End (and in June 2023, Broadway) debut.
1:11:07: Here’s an article on the underpayment of the Sausage Party animators.

Some other links:
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Behind the Scenes interviews
Behind the scenes DVD special
Addams Family Reunion: The Sequel That Time Forgot
Yahoo article about Addams Family Reunion


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