The Animated Netflix Godzilla Trilogy

Something something Blue Oyster Cult.

This week we watched those random animated Godzilla movies that were released on Netflix. I feel like they flew under the radar, a bit, but here we are, Triple Play, the biggest podcast in the world, shining a light on it. That’s right, if it blows up tomorrow you know why. It’s Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters, Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle and Godzilla: The Planet Eater

2:45: Mothra was released in 1961. Mothra is my favourite kaiju.
6:53: Pretty sure, yes, this is the most recent thing we’ve watched for Triple Play.
21:26: Good thing for you I have the link to this exact interview in japanese.
21:58: Here’s the little booklet you got with the theatrical release of this movie.
23:50: Godzilla: Singular Point has been out for two years now, but had only released two days before we recorded this episode.
34:24: I couldn’t find the Washington post article, but I have the link to the article that quotes the Washington Post article.
44:43: Check out Trust Your Doctor: A Doctory Who Podcast
49:06: Since watching this movie I’ve learned that most animated movies have multiple “angles” where the different angle is just different language signs.
50:49: Apparently they do really like to use English as a decoration in Japan. There’s more details at this CNN article.
1:04:12: If you’re ok with shelling out for the Japanese collector’s edition, these movies have since been released on Blu-Ray. Here’s The Planet Eater (the best one duh) on Amazon.
1:06:25: Speaking of the Planet Eater, here’s the poster.
1:07:28: Compare that to this masterpiece for Inferno, the best Robert Langdon movie.
1:09:40: Or this distractingly bad composite poster for Spider Man: Homecoming.
1:14:50: I guess Legendary and Toho figured out their rights kerfuffle,¬† since a sequel to Godzilla vs Kong is coming out called Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire. Can’t wait for it to bomb.

Netflix Announcement for Singular Point
Some further details on Godzilla Singular Point

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