Three Flavors Cornetto Trilogy

I like ice cream actually.

Triple Play returns from the dead (ironically) to shamble (unironically) towards a middling and mediocre conclusion followed by a spectacle no one will soon forget. Man it was so weird getting back into editing this. Felt like having to relearn a skill I had long since forgotten. Anyway, this was recorded in June 2021, hopefully nothing aged poorly. It’s The Three Flavors Cornetto Trilogy: Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World’s End.

0:37: “We’re back again with Triple Play” This aged amazingly.
1:08: Try negative 2% chance.
1:33: Idk check out Trust Your Doctor and Inevitable I guess.
5:57: This reminds me that I never put any of these movies into my letterboxd.
7:17: Here’s a link to Nestle drumsticks, since British people probably don’t get them, and since listening to this made my mouth water.
12:23: Apparently, yes, George Romero missed references to his own movies in Shaun of the Dead.
17:33: Here’s a link to You’ve Got Red on You on amazon.
30:30: I guess Callan counts as a cop show.
33:30: A lot of what’s being said about Hot Fuzz comes from this summary of the commentary.
40:51: This Cornetto anecdote is relayed in Slash Film.
43:11: This information about the creation of The World’s End is in this article from Empire Online. There’s also this additional article from from The Star.
1:12:30: I’m reading off details from the Filming section of the Transformers: The Last Knight wikipedia page.
1:24:53: Definitely do not think we will be recording email inserts but you can try.

Some other random links:

NPR on The World’s End
The Guardian about Shaun of the Dead
Mental Floss about Shaun of the Dead
Editing of Hot Fuzz

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