Post-Matrix Wachowski Movies

The Wachowski Sisters are one of the most accomplished directoral duos of our time. Their works include….

This week we watched a fake trilogy, because for some reason we both really wanted to watch more stuff by the Wachowskis. That’s right, we watched Speed Racer, Cloud Atlas and Jupiter Ascending. Why did we do this?

1:35: I was right, Matrix Resurrections was not universally beloved.
1:52: Delayed Replay is a good podcast. Keep your eyes on their upcoming releases.
6:54: Surprised that we forgot that the Jurassic Park franchise started in the 90s.
9:37: Here’s that Behind the Scenes featurette off the blu-ray.
21:12: The Atlantic article about Speed Racer is a pretty good read if you have a chance.
29:00: I was thinking about this torpedo scene recently actually, so here it is on youtube.
49:11: You can listen to our episode (now almost a decade old if you can believe it) on The Matrix here.
50:47: Good news for you, I saved the link to the New Yorker article we reference here.
1:05:02: I’ll just link to the table on the Cloud Atlas Wiki page for your consumption and reference.
1:07:55: Matrix Resurrections was vaguely a box office flop, but it certainly didn’t make back its budget.
1:08:51: Make your own judgement on whether or not Keanu was being mean in this interview. The incident Kiyan describes occurs at 2:05, and notably most videos (especially on twitter) cut at 2:21, missing out the context where Keanu says he was joking, at 2:35 and then he tells the interviewer not to feel bad. Take that, Kiyan, just proves you can edit almost anything to be malicious.
1:20:02: According to Mental Floss there are 25 blimps left in the world.
1:20:38: We do not still have a blog, but whatever post I was working on sounds really good. It never got finished.

Some other links:
Matrix Fans on the making of Jupiter Ascending
Cinema Blend on the making of Jupiter Ascending
FXGuide about the chase scene in Jupiter Ascending
New Yorker about the general post Matrix trajectory of the Wachowskis.
Empire Online about the making of Cloud Atlas
Mercury News about the making of Cloud Atlas
Collider about the making of Speed Racer
Why Speed Racer is actually a masterpiece

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