353: They’re Blowing Up Cars Now (The Star Beast)

It’s really here. The beginning of the second era of Trust Your Doctor.

And you thought I’d never come back, oh ye of little faith. Trust Your Doctor in Distress and all that, I heard your cries. Back with a new cohost, it’s The Star Beast, written by Russell T. Davies and originally aired on November 25, 2023.

3:08: In true TYD fashion I’m pretty sure I never actually say these notes on the episode.
5:57: It’s an old saying in Tennesee, you know?
8:25: The TARDIS wiki has a summary of the Power of the Doctor though.
31:15: Honestly, I actually didn’t even think The Marvels was that bad.
34:05: Once again the TARDIS wiki has a page that can explain everything, in this case about The Celestial Toymaker.
38:23: I’m only 50% sure that the song I was referring to was Kelly Clarkson’s Underneath the Tree.
43:30: Here’s what a furby is for all the uninformed listeners out there.
58:34: Oh I lied I totally did bring those notes back (but not for Donna)
1:02:52: Here’s that ad campaign, in all its 2011 comic-con glory.

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