354: A Silly Little Bean (Wild Blue Yonder)

Alternate title: It All Comes Back to Grapes

This week the TARDIS ventures where it’s never been before, the wild blue yonder. Other yonders are available, however, including the newly released forest green yonder, in addition to the classics: fire red yonder and scorching yellow yonder. It’s Wild Blue Yonder, written by Russell T. Davies and originally aired on December 3, 2023.

Honestly just googled “Kafka’s works” to find a source for his work being published posthumously and instead found this long article wondering if he really wanted it destroyed or not.
Yes Last Jedi was episode 8
Just in case you forgot, Jack and the 9th Doctor did actually kiss.
17:47: Here’s the TARDIS wiki page for crouton.
Marvin the paranoid android is a character from Douglas Adam’s The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. 
I’m linking wikipedia a lot this week but whatever, here’s the US Air Force (the song).
I dunno I got this information about the golden gate from wikipedia too.
Wow, they really did taser grapes to make the Quiet Place noise

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