356: Many Moose (The Church on Ruby Road)

It’s The Church on Ruby Road, written by Russell T. Davies and originally aired on December 25, 2023.

1:23: To preempt me from a minute later in the episode, here’s the Independent article explaining what I’m talking about.
3:48: No, my memory is awful, I was born in 1996 and this makes me 13 not 10 in 2009. Silly me.
4:42: Here’s a wikipedia page about 1969 for you.
8:58: Idk here’s the very first link about oranges in Christmas stockings in the UK.
21:48: here’s the TARDIS Wiki page on the 15th Doctor’s Sonic
23:58: Not to worry, I have the video of Ncuti explaining his sonic for you.
26:13: I mean, technically kilts have purses.
32:13: Here’s that Moose wikipedia page for everyone too lazy to find it themselves.
40:27: The goblins were practical effects believe it or not.
1:04:56: Tell me I’m not crazy, please, you can hear the breathing in the theme right? Here, listen! You might actually wonder why we don’t have the breathing in the outro to THIS episode, that is, Trust Your Doctor. It’s because I ripped the audio for our intro and outro from the live orchestra performance premiere of the theme.
1:20:25: You can check out that episode of Delayed Replay where I appeared to talk about Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire

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