Lexx 1 – I Worship His Shadow

It’s I Worship His Shadow, written by Pual Donovon, Jeffery Hirschfield and Lex Gigeroff and released on April 18, 1997.


1:51: Check out our other podcasts, Trust Your Doctor: A Doctor Who Podcast and Zenith: A Blake’s 7 Podcast.
1:56: The Lexx Wiki is superb, for example here’s the page on I Worship His Shadow.
6:27: Believe it or not I actually found an example of exactly what we were talking about at this moment.
8:43: @BobRushy on twitter is who I was talking about here.
9:35: Here’s a webpage that collates all of the behind the scenes videos.
11:59: Gareth Roberts wrote a variety of Doctor Who material, but the most famous is probably The Unicorn and the Wasp and The Lodger.
15:08: What would you do if you collected all the dragon balls?
17:35: There’s apparently a capsule hotel really close to where I live. In case you don’t know what those are here’s Wikipedia to the rescue to tell you what a capsule hotel is as always.
20:57: Wow, Kiyan was right, it really does look like a low budget version of the Final Fantasy 10 intro.
21:30: Just watch the trailer for Birdemic, that’s all you need to.
22:01: This is what the monsters in A Quiet Place looked like. (Lol at the filename for this being “Dontmakeasound.webp”)
25:22: The episode of Blake’s 7 is aptly titled Dawn of the Gods, and you can listen to what we thought of Dawn of the Gods on our episode covering it.
35:18: Here’s Black Manta for all you Lexx fans who want to check if I’m speaking the tru tru.
37:25: John McAfee is an absolute lunatic and I highly recommend you stay away from him if you ever meet him. I’m pretty sure this is the long article Kiyan is referring to. (It was actually this John McAfee article from wired.)
38:39: Wikipedia has a surprisingly detailed page on the theory of quantum immortality and quantum suicide.
42:15: The thorax is the powerhouse of the insect.
54:31: Speaking of people liking this earnestly, here’s Den of Geek trying to decipher why Lexx is such a cult classic now.
56:55: The Lexx Timeline is impossible to navigate.
57:49: I’m going to just leave this link to Lexxplorations here for you.
1:01:00: Sybil is from 1974 and is a television film, so it’s likely this is the same Sybil.
1:02:19: ß

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