Lexx 3 – Eating Pattern

I have an eating pattern, it’s called eat at 9pm and never again.

So this morning I edited the podcast while eating cereal. So I guess you could say I had an eating pattern while editing eating pattern. Isn’t that wild how that kind of stuff works? I think it’s pretty cool but you never know, maybe the audience disagrees like they always seem to. It’s Eating Pattern, written by Paul Donovan, Jeffery Hirschfield and Lex Gigeroff and released on September 4, 1997.

2:20: I’m not gonna put a link to that in the show notes. Lol.
4:47: Here’s that transcript of Eating Pattern, for the morbidly curious.
5:29: My personal favorite Doctor Who transcript site is Chakoteya.
5:52: Here’s the Lexxplorations site, which I’m going to leave here and then back away slowly.
7:39: Meatloaf, not to be confused with Meat Loaf.
11:49: Check out Trust Your Doctor: A Doctor Who Podcast.
13:24: I’m going to bring Scorpio and the Liberator to you courtesy of the Blake’s 7 wiki.
29:41: Jackass: The Movie came out in 2002, coming right on the heels of the TV show, which aired from 2000 to 2002.
40:57: Kiyan is probably thinking about Sting being in Dune, rather than Rutger Hauer.
42:22: Zwölf apparently means “twelve” in German. Also einsatz can mean “mission” according to Wiktionary.
49:12: Google Translate tells me it’s Hindi. Here’s what the name actually was: विस्मयादिबोधक चिह्न.
52:17: Here’s the Horizon Blake’s 7 forum.

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