UFO 12 – The Psychobombs

Topic of the week: hiatuses.

I’m kind of confused about this episode actually. The explanation for the super strength is the fact that people’s nervous systems were super charged, but does that also mean they got stuffed with thirty kilos of C4? Because some of those explosions were absolutely bananas. No way there wasn’t some accelerant involved. It’s The Psychobombs, written by Tony Barwick and aired on December 30, 1970.

8:10: I forgot that weeb is short for weeaboo. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has a solid page on the difference between descriptive grammar and prescriptive grammar.
12:28: I dunno, here’s a Daily Mail article about it, once again pissing off all our UK listeners.
13:07: Check out Trust Your Doctor: A Doctor Who Podcast, our Doctor Who podcast.
13:14: I mean, just look at Lee Van Cleef and tell me he isn’t a villain.
18:36: Supermarionation is not Super Mario Nation.
19:30: We actually covered Sapphire and Steel on this very podcast, which you can listen to here. And if you want to relive the memories like I do, here’s the intro to the show. Maybe one of the best TV intro of all time.
1:09:21: London Has Fallen shows up on this podcast all the time, for some reason.
1:18:15: I had to do some digging but I found the interview with Jodie Whittaker I read.

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