Sapphire and Steel 1 – Assignment 1

“It’s pretty clear” – Kiyan, about halfway through this episode.

It’s the start of the third season of Inevitable, which is massively increasing our season count already. Two was a record to begin with, and now three is the record, can you believe it? And soon in like 8 weeks it’ll be broken yet again. It’s Assignment 1, written by PJ Hammond and aired between July 10th and 26th, 1979.


3:03: HAHAHAHAHAHA *sweats*
6:23: Check out Trust Your Doctor: A Doctor Who Podcast, our Doctor Who podcast.
1:08:10: Bringing Up Baby was released in 1938.
1:23:07: Here’s the intro to Callan. It is pretty ominous, but somehow the way Dylan described it I thought there wouldn’t be any music.
1:24:42: We’re still approaching Torchwood. We’ll be starting it on Trust Your Doctor in a month or two.
1:28:51: Apparently Find a Grave is a thing.
1:33:36: Here’s Eurovision 1966’s “A Man Without Love,” composed by Cyril Ornadel.

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