UFO 13 – Survival

Guess what? Inevitable survived our hiatus and we’re officially back in action.

So this week I was walking down the road when I was bitten by a cheetah person. Oh shoot, wrong show. Uh, shoot, uh actually it was an alien. With green skin. It bit me on my arm, through my space suit. Yeah that’s what happened. It’s Survival, written by Tony Barwick and aired on January 5, 1971.

3:00: Good news, I can link you to the timeline right here.
12:39: The “moon commander” column is on the timeline previously linked.
18:32: I’m pretty sure this scene Kiyan is referring to is The Psychobombs. You can even listen to our episode on The Psychobombs if you want. I mean why would you, right? But you can if you want to. (Don’t. (Nah, JK, do.))
48:32: They do actually drive on the right all the time in UFO, as evidenced by this picture collage. Interestingly there’s not an official statement on this, but ufoseries.com postulates that it was because it was predicted that when England joined the EU that they would swap, so when Gerry Anderson moved the show 10 years into the future he predicted that they would swap. Apparently when UFO flashes back to the 70’s they drive on the left in the 70’s.
56:40: The Blake’s 7 wiki isn’t as detailed as the TARDIS wiki but it’s good enough to read about Deliverance.
1:01:20: Coming in Clutch with a link to our Spectre of Lanyon Moor episode.

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