UFO 26: The Long Sleep ft. Steven Shinder

Speaking of long sleeps, it’s time for the podcast to rest.

I need a long sleep right now to be honest. I caught a cold a day after recording this and my brain is in so much pain right now it’s insane. About ready to pass out right now but I’m waiting for the episode to upload. The things I do for the fans. It’s The Long Sleep, written by David Tomblin and aired on August 7, 1971.

1:35: Check out our longest-running podcast, Trust Your Doctor: A Doctor Who Podcast.
2:15: Check out our most middling podcast, Triple Play: A Movie Trilogy Podcast.
8:30: Cyril Schaps was an actor with a rather distinctive look.
31:52: I don’t even know what Steven said, so good luck Kiyan. (Editor’s note: He said “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida,” which is apparently a song and not an expletive. I can’t verify whether it really sounded like this because I could only listen to about 10 seconds of this before my ears started to bleed.)
35:15: Some AI won an art contest and people got pissed. I’m just here for the schadenfreude.
54:42: This six deadliest earthquakes since 1950 according to Britannica.

Here’s links to all of Steven’s stuff:


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