Triple Play

In this (currently a bit sporadic) podcast, Kiyan and Dylan bring their “expertise” in film and television into the world of movie trilogies. Each episode centers around a trilogy that the duo watched in one sitting, and features behind the scenes information, a brief summary of key plot points, and a discussion on how the movies worked as a trilogy.


Dylan here. While editing this I remembered that we recorded this while I had covid. Yep. A year ago I had covid and I still sat down to  record and now I can’t even edit one episode on time. How the mighty have fallen. I dunno man, we watched Atlantis, Treasure Planetand Princess Bride.  Also this podcast is explicit, if you’re offended by bad language look away.

2:33: And, ironically, both podcasts that didn’t last as long as Triple Play. Take that!
8:50: Rubber is not really that great imho.
10:50: Oh yeah this podcast is explicit. Hell yeah.
20:20: Alright fair, the sound track to Tarzan though is a real banger. Actually here, listen to this random track I picked for you.
23:12: Everything I’m reading off of for Atlantis: Milo’s Return is right from Wikipedia.
26:09: Given the quality of superhero movies in 2023, Kiyan may be getting his wish.
36:17: Here’s the banger Treasure Planet poster we’re talking about.
41:53: We’ve had an entire additional season of Strange New Worlds since this podcast went up.
44:53: Here’s Caramelldansen for everyone in the audience who doesn’t know what it is. Oh and here’s Flubber too I guess while I’m at it.
54:54: I’ve gone through two other roommates since this roommate lived with me. Wild.
58:37: Nah, the funny irreverent move is to leave everything as it is because I’m lazy.
1:09:32: Go to There, you have the link now. And here’s Delayed Replay. Also, since we recorded this episode Steven put out a new book: Trespassing Through the Visages. It’s pretty good, go check it out.

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Star Wars (The Sequel Trilogy)

This episode was originally intended to be the conclusion of Triple Play, but as you’ll see, not everything goes the way you think.

We watched these in person, and frankly even though it was so long ago I sill remember that it was some of the most fun we had doing these podcasts. Just hanging out, watching three movies while eating an overpriced pizza. The way Triple Play was supposed to be run. This week for the second to last time, it’s the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy

1:49: Past us didn’t know what was coming, but there will be one more episode for you to enjoy.
3:45: Ironically, ending this podcast does mean we’re ending all the podcasts
15:35: I’m gonna call out Lucas on this, but if you look back when we recorded, as late as 2019 Lucas was pretty adamant about the midichlorians in his original sequel trilogy plans: see this IndieWire article. In the four years since he’s been doing his own revisionist history now indicating that none of that would have happened, and that actually it would have followed Leia battling a resurrected Maul and his apprentice, although a lot of deas (the young female Jedi, Han and Leia’s son turning tot eh dark side) are consistent between both. Wookiepedia has a well cited summary of these claims.
32:17: talking with rian johnson
43:46: The story about John having to audition 9 times, as well as some of the other fun facts we mention, come from this No Film School article.
48:50: Learn more about the secrecy surrounding the filming of these trilogies in The Atlantic article about it.
53:52: Looper was indeed released in 2012.
56:26: Here’s Mark Hamill talking about how he loves The Last Jedi’s interpretation of Luke Skywalker.
1:01:23: Here’s Rian talking about the movies that inspired The Last Jedi on Virgin Media (lol).
1:04:23: I’ve seen Rashoman since we recorded this episode, and yes, its very similar to the three perspectives of Last Jedi.
1:17:49: For example, here’s one article that pulls some information from the behind the scenes of “Rise of Skywalker” documentary.
1:20:05: Here’s the leaked John Williams original cue list for The Rise of Skywalker
1:22:00: I (Dylan) mention the leaker a lot, and figure I should link to all the information that was leaked about JJ’s original vision for Rise of Skywalker. This is the most comprehensive overview I could find. Remember that this is all alleged and the leaker remains anonymous so the veracity of this information is unconfirmed.
1:26:22: I will not link any of these people not showering. It’s gross and stupid and I’m lazy.
1:27:05: This statement about Dwayne having common sense and being one of the best people in hollywood aged poorly.
1:27:53: Here’s an AVClub article on Trevorrows original script for the 9th movie.
1:41:20: “I’m being sarcastic if you can’t tell” This aged well, Andor is fantastic.
1:52:01: There were no tearful goodbyes, only regrets. And in contrast to the previous note, none of these statements aged well.

Some Other Links:

Ars Technica about the making of The Last Jedi
Dorksideoftheforce about the making of The Last Jedi
Insider about the making of The Last Jedi
CBR about the making of The Force Awakens
Slashflim about the book about the making of The Force Awakens
Making Star Wars about the making of The Force Awakens

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Post-Matrix Wachowski Movies

The Wachowski Sisters are one of the most accomplished directoral duos of our time. Their works include….

This week we watched a fake trilogy, because for some reason we both really wanted to watch more stuff by the Wachowskis. That’s right, we watched Speed Racer, Cloud Atlas and Jupiter Ascending. Why did we do this?

1:35: I was right, Matrix Resurrections was not universally beloved.
1:52: Delayed Replay is a good podcast. Keep your eyes on their upcoming releases.
6:54: Surprised that we forgot that the Jurassic Park franchise started in the 90s.
9:37: Here’s that Behind the Scenes featurette off the blu-ray.
21:12: The Atlantic article about Speed Racer is a pretty good read if you have a chance.
29:00: I was thinking about this torpedo scene recently actually, so here it is on youtube.
49:11: You can listen to our episode (now almost a decade old if you can believe it) on The Matrix here.
50:47: Good news for you, I saved the link to the New Yorker article we reference here.
1:05:02: I’ll just link to the table on the Cloud Atlas Wiki page for your consumption and reference.
1:07:55: Matrix Resurrections was vaguely a box office flop, but it certainly didn’t make back its budget.
1:08:51: Make your own judgement on whether or not Keanu was being mean in this interview. The incident Kiyan describes occurs at 2:05, and notably most videos (especially on twitter) cut at 2:21, missing out the context where Keanu says he was joking, at 2:35 and then he tells the interviewer not to feel bad. Take that, Kiyan, just proves you can edit almost anything to be malicious.
1:20:02: According to Mental Floss there are 25 blimps left in the world.
1:20:38: We do not still have a blog, but whatever post I was working on sounds really good. It never got finished.

Some other links:
Matrix Fans on the making of Jupiter Ascending
Cinema Blend on the making of Jupiter Ascending
FXGuide about the chase scene in Jupiter Ascending
New Yorker about the general post Matrix trajectory of the Wachowskis.
Empire Online about the making of Cloud Atlas
Mercury News about the making of Cloud Atlas
Collider about the making of Speed Racer
Why Speed Racer is actually a masterpiece

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Eastrail 177 Trilogy

“Unbreakable? more like unbearable”

Lots of places refer to this as the Eastrail 177 trilogy since it’s based heavily around that train, so that’s what we’re going with here today.

2:50: Anyone claiming Glass to be worse than Beverly Hills Chihuahua is just lost in my book. Good thing Kiyan left the podcast so I can make fun of him for this in the show-notes.
7:50: I’m pretty sure the running into each other story is in this making of documentary video thing, but I’m not gonna watch the entire thing to check.
20:15: I already link this video in the previous shownote above.
23:39: Here’s the poster for Unbreakable, which does look quite boring honestly.
23:42: And here’s the poster for Angels and Demons, god look at that awful editing.
26:51: Tarantino on Unbreakable.
28:11: Avatar whitewashing
37:15: Much of what proceeds about Split was taken from this oral history that was published on rotten tomatoes.
38:30: Yes, M. Knight was involved in writing Stuart Little, mindblowing.
1:06:26: Yeah I probably couldn’t recognize any of these musical cues anymore.

Some other links:
Cinemablend article about the difference in filming between Glass and Split
Collider Behind the Scenes of Split
Shyamalan refuses Glass sequels
Observer on Unbreakable at 20
Screenrant trivia for the trilogy

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The Addams Family Trilogy

Badadadum *snap snap*

Yeah, I bet you’re wondering how I got that text to sound exactly like the Addams family song. It’s because I’m a professional sound writer. I bet you didn’t even know that was a thing. Well, it is. I needed a job after the podcast died, and that’s what I ended up doing. This week Kiyan and Dylan talk about the Addams Family trilogy, if you can call it that.

3:08: I won’t link to the third one on YouTube for copyright purposes but I will confirm that it is still there.
4:57: Here, I’ll link directly to the first episode of LEXX on Inevitable.
8:46: Fall Out Boy sampled the Munsters theme on their song, Uma Thurman.
9:29: Surprisingly prescient predictions about teenagers loving the Wednesday aesthetic with the new Wednesday show that’s since come out.
11:42: Much of this information and Angelica Huston’s quotes comes from an interview Angelica Huston gave with The Guardian.
26:43: Here’s a TVTropes link about being billed above the title.
30:22: Here’s the aforementioned Entertainment Weekly article, and the Hollywood Reporter article as well as the Buzzfeed article mentioned in the next sentence.
33:10: Here’s an article from the Washington Post outlining what Dan Quayle said in his speech about the “poverty of values” in America.
46:45: The leaked Michael Jackson song for Addams Family Values was called Family Thing. It’s on YouTube.
56:15: There’s a really fascinating article with information on how Thing was realized on screen, feel free to check it out.
1:09:37: In the two years between when we recorded and released this the Back to the Future Musical made a successful West End (and in June 2023, Broadway) debut.
1:11:07: Here’s an article on the underpayment of the Sausage Party animators.

Some other links:
Christina Ricci gives a behind the scenes tour
Behind the Scenes interviews
Behind the scenes DVD special
Addams Family Reunion: The Sequel That Time Forgot
Yahoo article about Addams Family Reunion


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Naked Gun

Aren’t all guns naked?

I don’t really know what to write for this description in all honesty. I dunno. These movies were pretty funny, I guess, well the first one was anyway. After that I don’t think they were that great, and I don’t really know how to be funny about them here because it’s been so long since I’ve seen them I can’t even remember anything about the third one. Whatever. It’s the Naked Gun trilogy.

9:22: Everybody should watch Ridley Scott’s movie Thelma and Louise.
15:58: Here’s the wikipedia page on Ruthless People
18:17: Pretty sure the quote that I’m reading is from this LA Times article.
18:48: Guess what, that reboot we’re talking about (more details here) was never brought to fruition.
25:36: Here’s the usual wikipedia source, this time for Snakes on a Plane.
28:41: Eat it apparently won a Grammy and everything, wow!
33:53: Here’s a link to the documentary on the making of naked gun 2 that I’m talking about.
39:22: In a somewhat humorous twist of fate, I still haven’t watched Ghost, even though it’s been two years since we recorded this episode.

Other links:
ScreeRant article about Frank Drebin
Roger Ebert’s review of Naked Gun 2
More details on the baseball scene in Naked Gun 1
David Zucker Interview on Naked Gun

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The Animated Netflix Godzilla Trilogy

Something something Blue Oyster Cult.

This week we watched those random animated Godzilla movies that were released on Netflix. I feel like they flew under the radar, a bit, but here we are, Triple Play, the biggest podcast in the world, shining a light on it. That’s right, if it blows up tomorrow you know why. It’s Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters, Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle and Godzilla: The Planet Eater

2:45: Mothra was released in 1961. Mothra is my favourite kaiju.
6:53: Pretty sure, yes, this is the most recent thing we’ve watched for Triple Play.
21:26: Good thing for you I have the link to this exact interview in japanese.
21:58: Here’s the little booklet you got with the theatrical release of this movie.
23:50: Godzilla: Singular Point has been out for two years now, but had only released two days before we recorded this episode.
34:24: I couldn’t find the Washington post article, but I have the link to the article that quotes the Washington Post article.
44:43: Check out Trust Your Doctor: A Doctory Who Podcast
49:06: Since watching this movie I’ve learned that most animated movies have multiple “angles” where the different angle is just different language signs.
50:49: Apparently they do really like to use English as a decoration in Japan. There’s more details at this CNN article.
1:04:12: If you’re ok with shelling out for the Japanese collector’s edition, these movies have since been released on Blu-Ray. Here’s The Planet Eater (the best one duh) on Amazon.
1:06:25: Speaking of the Planet Eater, here’s the poster.
1:07:28: Compare that to this masterpiece for Inferno, the best Robert Langdon movie.
1:09:40: Or this distractingly bad composite poster for Spider Man: Homecoming.
1:14:50: I guess Legendary and Toho figured out their rights kerfuffle,  since a sequel to Godzilla vs Kong is coming out called Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire. Can’t wait for it to bomb.

Netflix Announcement for Singular Point
Some further details on Godzilla Singular Point

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Three Flavors Cornetto Trilogy

I like ice cream actually.

Triple Play returns from the dead (ironically) to shamble (unironically) towards a middling and mediocre conclusion followed by a spectacle no one will soon forget. Man it was so weird getting back into editing this. Felt like having to relearn a skill I had long since forgotten. Anyway, this was recorded in June 2021, hopefully nothing aged poorly. It’s The Three Flavors Cornetto Trilogy: Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World’s End.

0:37: “We’re back again with Triple Play” This aged amazingly.
1:08: Try negative 2% chance.
1:33: Idk check out Trust Your Doctor and Inevitable I guess.
5:57: This reminds me that I never put any of these movies into my letterboxd.
7:17: Here’s a link to Nestle drumsticks, since British people probably don’t get them, and since listening to this made my mouth water.
12:23: Apparently, yes, George Romero missed references to his own movies in Shaun of the Dead.
17:33: Here’s a link to You’ve Got Red on You on amazon.
30:30: I guess Callan counts as a cop show.
33:30: A lot of what’s being said about Hot Fuzz comes from this summary of the commentary.
40:51: This Cornetto anecdote is relayed in Slash Film.
43:11: This information about the creation of The World’s End is in this article from Empire Online. There’s also this additional article from from The Star.
1:12:30: I’m reading off details from the Filming section of the Transformers: The Last Knight wikipedia page.
1:24:53: Definitely do not think we will be recording email inserts but you can try.

Some other random links:

NPR on The World’s End
The Guardian about Shaun of the Dead
Mental Floss about Shaun of the Dead
Editing of Hot Fuzz

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The Robert Langdon Trilogy

Here it is, our crowning achievement, obviously.

I honestly didn’t think these movies could be that bad. Hoo boy was I surprised then when we actually watched these bad boys. And when I say bad boys I mean bad. Tom Hanks, the absolute opposite of whatever the hell Dan The Man Brown had in mind when he was writing Robert Langdon, is here to save the day. Yes, that Tom Hanks. It’s DaVinci Code, Angels and Demons and Inferno.

2:13 Troll and Triple X are both trilogies we’ve unfortunately watched for this podcast.
5:39: Here’s the exact excerpt I’m reading from at this point.
12:30: Might as well link to The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo because it’s a good movie you should all watch.
13:35: The American Society of Cinematographers has an article about The DaVinci Code filming in Paris as well as the lighting details of the whole movie.
22:02: Screenrant (groan) has an article about what’s real and what’s fake in The DaVinci Code. Here’s a much better article about what’s real and what’s fake from NBC.
26:20: National Treasure came out in 2004, we should note, not DaVinci Code.
29:13: Apparently this is completely wrong. The Writers Guild of America has apparently gone on strike 5 times in the last like 80 years.
34:43: Here’s the CERN page on what they do, thanks to Angels and Demons.
48:56:  Forbes tried to figure out why Inferno was a domestic box office disaster. The answer is not good.
55:42: There is going to be a play version of DaVinci Code though.
56:40: This joke aged well. Season 5 of Triple Play will be our last.
57:28: We did not do this.
59:49: We didn’t do this either.

Some other miscellaneous sources:
An article detailing the differences between the versions of DaVinci Code
Some BTS videos on Angels and Demons: Writing the Script & In Search of the True Story
An article from the Guardian on all the fake tourists they used to pad the Vatican in Angels and Demons
Town and Country Magazine talked about the historicity of Inferno
An interview with Tom Hanks and Felicity Jones about Inferno

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How to Train Your Dragon

I love it when we do animated trilogies, don’t you?

I hope you like us referring to the director by his first name and first name only for the entirety of this 1 hour 15 minute podcast episode. No, he’s not a personal friend of ours, we just don’t want to keep having to pronounce his last name. It’s a really annoying last name and it’s french and we didn’t want to continuously get it wrong. Hope you like the name Dean. It’s How to Train Your Dragon 1, 2, and 3.

6:42: Our Kung Fu Panda episode.
11:50: Here’s a USA Today article where Stephen King talks about the change to the ending of The Mist and why he likes it better than his original ending.
23:18: Roger Deakins is a well noted cinematographer who actually also has his own podcast.
24:30: We also talked about this on our Beverly Hills Chihuahua episode, believe it or not.
29:00: Hollywood Reporter has an article talked about Dean DeBlois and his personal touches in the film.
32:00: Read more about both the change in villain but also the controversy around the resultant villain.
35:50: The technology used to make How to Train Your Dragon 2 is pretty well documented.
42:35: This interview is linked in the previous show note for 32:00.
45:38: Never forget George Lucas lying about Jar Jar being based on minstrel shows.
49:42: Here’s an article from with extensive sourcing that outlines the misunderstanding upon which the alpha/beta/omega structure is based on.
1:07:55: Don’t worry, of course I’m going to include some pictures of the How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular for you.
1:09:40: Check out our episode of the Qatsi trilogy.
1:10:22: Listening to this back 6 months later, in a sort of meta sense, I didn’t remember anything about How to Train Your Dragon.
1:11:16: Nope.

Some other miscellaneous sources:
Video on animal influences for both the Nightfury and the Lightfury
Review of HTTYD 3 from The Wrap with some bts information
New York Times behind the scenes article
Dean DeBlois interview with Deadline
Digital Media World talks a lot about the animation process behind the first How to Train Your Dragon movie.



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