UFO 5 – A Question of Priorities ft. Steven Shinder

I have plenty of questions about this episode, to be honest.

Look, if I’m being straight with you, I always go into every episode of UFO with a bunch of questions. Dozens of them. Hundreds even. And every time the episode answers every single one of them. Can you believe that? Really just proves how good of a show this is. It’s A Question of Priorities, written by Tony Barwick and aired on October 14, 1970.

0:55: Kiyan and I decidedly did not find Love and Monsters funny, as you can hear in our Trust Your Doctor episode on it.
9:22: Here’s a random excerpt from the 2018 Doctor Who marathon on Twitch. It’s from Barbara and Ian’s departure.
18:16: Good news for our audio listeners (everyone) we have a picture of Straker’s car steering wheel. (Editor’s note: Damn that falls pretty high on the hilarity scale.)
21:42: Anorak Zone is definitely the MVP of Inevitable. Here’s their UFO ranking.
23:37: The Last of Sheila is a whodunnit, which are always fun you know.
26:06: Thanks for plugging Trust Your Doctor: A Doctor Who Podcast, our Doctor Who podcast, this week, Steven.
26:31: This is what a macaque is.
27:27: Damn, I forgot about this episode of Extreme Cheapskates where this lady cooks a lasagna via dishwasher. I didn’t rewatch the full clip for the purposes of this note, but you can if you want to. Knock yourself out.
29:26: Have some information on the history of Penicillin. Also, bacteria were actually discovered in 1676.
33:03: Early Inevitable episodes are availableat your local podcasting platform.
36:39: Star Maidens is a British-German show. Both its (Star Maidens’) wikipedia page and the random anecdotes I’ve heard about it call it a battle of the sexes type thing in space.
38:45: Don’t tell Steven but I’ve only ever watched the movie version of Red Dragon.
40:00: For all 0 people reading this who care about Yugioh (or even know what it it), check out Twitch reacting to the reveal of Dark Magician Girl.
52:3: Did you see that ludicrous display last night?
1:01:00: The Gerry Anderson website’s article on the missing ending to this episode seems somewhat legit.
1:07:50: The Outer Limits (1963) somehow wasn’t deleted off everyone’s tapes back in the day. (Editor’s note: I have no idea what this means.)
1:18:35 We’ve watched that.
1:19:44: This limerick only appears on Leigh Mercer’s wikipedia page, as basically the only important thing he ever did.

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