UFO 6 – E.S.P.

I used to have ESP, then I took an arrow to the brain.

Can’t believe I just unironically referenced Skyrim in the episode description. When was the last time that was even relevant? Would you consider magical mind reading as ESP? That feels like a whole new can of worms that I’ll leave closed for now. You’re welcome. It’s ESP, written by Alan Fennel and aired on October 21, 1970.


4:02: For a more incompetently cobbled together podcast overall, check out Trust Your Doctor: A Doctor Who Podcast, our Doctor Who podcast.
5:55: If you’re a fan of Blake’s 7, I highly recommend checking out Making Blake’s 7 on twitter. He documents tons of behind-the-scenes stuff that no one’s ever seen before.
14:34: His name is actually Michael Billington, and he really was in contention for the role of Bond.
33:39: Well, here’s information about the Unabomber for this unaware, I guess.
35:56: He Who Remains really broke the fourth wall.
56:40: Definitely not.
57:13: Good news, the TARDIS wiki has a page on Shockeye.
1:00:57: John Dies at the End is a thing, I guess.
1:03:06: Check out CRT Pixels on twitter for examples of this.
1:04:00: Children of the Stones really was 2 years ago, damn. (Editor’s note: can’t believe 2020 was 15 years ago.)
1:05:57: The series, I guess if you’re really curious, is called Bug Out. And here’s the commercial. Kiyan probably shouldn’t watch this. (Editor’s note: this was actually funny.)

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