Children of the Stones 7 – Full Circle ft. Jim (The Krynoid Podcast)

How many times can I reference Doctor Who this week?

This is the second season finale for Inevitable, and this time we’ve actually gone all out and gotten a guest. That’s quite a step up from Star Cops which just kind of… ended. And then it wasn’t really an end because we were back the next week. Well this time that won’t be true. Triple Play will be returning in Inevitable’s place so look out for that! It’s Full Circle, written by Jeremy Burnham and Trevor Ray and aired on February 21, 1977.


12:45: For those who don’t know who Charlie Chan is (like I didn’t), he’s (far as I can tell) a fairly controversial fictional detective.
35:47: It was Return to the Stones
47:52: The series I was thinking about here was The Clifton House Mystery.
1:02:22: Lucas apparently drew heavily on The Hidden Fortress when creating Star Wars.
1:31:48: Check out Krynoid Podcast to hear Jim talk about Doctor Who.
1:33:41: And check out Triple Play: A Movie Trilogy Podcast to hear us talk about movie trilogies.

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