How to Train Your Dragon

I love it when we do animated trilogies, don’t you?

I hope you like us referring to the director by his first name and first name only for the entirety of this 1 hour 15 minute podcast episode. No, he’s not a personal friend of ours, we just don’t want to keep having to pronounce his last name. It’s a really annoying last name and it’s french and we didn’t want to continuously get it wrong. Hope you like the name Dean. It’s How to Train Your Dragon 1, 2, and 3.

6:42: Our Kung Fu Panda episode.
11:50: Here’s a USA Today article where Stephen King talks about the change to the ending of The Mist and why he likes it better than his original ending.
23:18: Roger Deakins is a well noted cinematographer who actually also has his own podcast.
24:30: We also talked about this on our Beverly Hills Chihuahua episode, believe it or not.
29:00: Hollywood Reporter has an article talked about Dean DeBlois and his personal touches in the film.
32:00: Read more about both the change in villain but also the controversy around the resultant villain.
35:50: The technology used to make How to Train Your Dragon 2 is pretty well documented.
42:35: This interview is linked in the previous show note for 32:00.
45:38: Never forget George Lucas lying about Jar Jar being based on minstrel shows.
49:42: Here’s an article from with extensive sourcing that outlines the misunderstanding upon which the alpha/beta/omega structure is based on.
1:07:55: Don’t worry, of course I’m going to include some pictures of the How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular for you.
1:09:40: Check out our episode of the Qatsi trilogy.
1:10:22: Listening to this back 6 months later, in a sort of meta sense, I didn’t remember anything about How to Train Your Dragon.
1:11:16: Nope.

Some other miscellaneous sources:
Video on animal influences for both the Nightfury and the Lightfury
Review of HTTYD 3 from The Wrap with some bts information
New York Times behind the scenes article
Dean DeBlois interview with Deadline
Digital Media World talks a lot about the animation process behind the first How to Train Your Dragon movie.



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