The Dark Knight

Yes, we did watch these great masterpieces of cinema history.

So this episode is late because guess what? I went into my little folder, with all of this season recorded, and edited “Episode 4.3”. Seems correct, right? Turns out I had misnumbered the episodes, and so I actually edited episode 4 of this season, that is, the next episode after this (50 Shades of Grey). Anyway, this episode is a week late and it’s obviously worth the wait. It’s Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises.

10:30: Check out this in-depth look into the the design of Gotham and its Chicagoesque roots and real filming locations.
12:06: Christopher Nolan was interviewed by the Director’s Guild of America, and in that interview, he talks about his preference for practical effects as well as other aspects of the filmmaking process.
15:22: I had a really good source for this but the link is dead now. So you’ll have to make do with this How Stuff Works article.
16:30: Yes, this is a real thing. The first speeding ticket was given for someone going 8 MPH in a 2 MPH zone.
21:09: The pronunciation of Ra’s Al Ghul comes down to whether you prefer the Arabic (Rahz) or Hebrew (Raysh) pronunciations.
22:32: Listen to our Taken episode to hear this snafu in real time.
32:42: Check out our episode on The Predator, or even the original Predator trilogy.
36:06: We actually don’t know any more than when we recorded this because the Flash movie got delayed all to hell. All we know is that Michael Keaton confirmed he was in it.< And we have some set photos.
37:59: Here’s some details on the Batpod and the insane driving skills it required.
43:21: For some reason I decided to joker laugh in the background, dunno why I did this.
57:02: UCSC, a pretty legitimate source, says that Dickens was not paid by the word, and was actaully paid by chapter/installment. Case closed I guess.
58:53: Here, read these Madame Defarge influences for yourself, completely unsourced.
1:05:40: Tom Hardy did an interview with The Vulture where he talked about his inspiration for the voice.
1:09:52: Look I even have an official source to back me up, the International Atomic Energy Agency.
1:12:08: Johnathon Nolan learned physics to write Interstellar. Here, he talks about it with famous physicist that I’ve met Kip Thorne.

Other sources:

Movie Chronicles
The Independent

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