339: Which of the Hidden 8th Sins Are We Talking About? (Immortal Sins)

Love. Compassion. Kindness. There are plenty of hidden 8th sins to choose from, and that’s why, now more than ever, you need to specify. Speaking of things that are happening now more than ever, we’re now more than ever talking about Torchwood Miracle Day episode 7. We haven’t talked about it before, and sadly we probably never will again. Until we really run out of content and have to rewatch Torchwood or something. It’s Immortal Sins, written by Jane Espensen and aired on August 19, 2011.

1:49: Wikipedia lists only the episodes of The Walking Dead that have already aired (all 150 of them as of writing) whereas IMDB lists all episodes that have been commissioned and filmed.
5:32: This is the Telltale Walking Dead we were referring to here.
6:10: Polygon has an incredibly interesting deep dive into the problems Telltale Games faced that caused their downfall, including their long-standing refusal to update their engine. Also, the original Telltale is defunct now, but there’s a new Telltale in town.
8:37: For those interested in the history of the Italian mafia in New York, The Five Families is where you want to start.
9:14: Generally I wouldn’t link a Quora page, but Wikipedia has such a non-existent explanation for why “Mick” is a derogatory term for a person of Irish descent that in this case I will.
12:57: That Jordan Peele gif.
20:12: If you had told me when we started this podcast that I would be linking to the Wedding Crashers page on Wikipedia I would not believe you.
23:16: The Rams are LA and the Raiders are Vegas now, but they used to be located in Oakland California. The Bears are in Chicago. So are the Bulls, but they’re basketball.
41:08: Train A leaves a station in Chicago heading towards LA at 30 mph at Noon. Train B leaves LA at 3PM, heading towards Chicago traveling at 60 mph. The question is, at which point during this question did you realize that America’s rail system is pitiful compared to basically every other wealthy country in the world?
42:15: It’s a dot sight.
46:15: Two things, first off, who knew there was a sci-fi stack exchange? And secondly, why do they have an entire thread just on the question of “Who gave the shop-keeper Clara’s number?”
47:21: Here’s that Today I Found Out page about the phrase “to coin a phrase” that seems like it was clearly made just for this purpose.
48:01: You should rather check out phrases.uk for information on the phrase “to coin a phrase.”
1:01:56: It’s been 84 years.
1:03:00: NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month and is just a dumb thing people with too much or too little time on their hands do when they’d rather write than tend to their other responsibilities.
1:04:04: As promised here’s the link to that dialect quiz. Actually this one is really fancy and maps out all of your dialect influences across the United States.

Torchwood © The BBC
Any other references belong to their respective owners, no copyright infringement is intended by this podcast.
The Torchwood title music was originally composed by Murray Gold. The version used in this episode was arranged by Murray Gold.

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