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Episode 12: The World According to Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp’s word is law. It is the only law.

This month Kiyan and Dylan have returned to watch yet another movie trilogy. As they do every other month. But this month they’ve got a bit of a supernatural bent, because it’s Pirates of the Caribbean. Featuring an extensive discussion about the Pirates ride, which is something that we have personal experience with. That’s a first for this podcast I think.


2:15 Eisner and Verbinski clashed over what to include on the original poster for Pirates 1.
3:07 Apparently it’s Night of the Day of the Dawn of the Son of the Bride of the Return of the Revenge of the Terror of the Attack of the Evil, Mutant, Alien, Flesh Eating, Hellbound, Zombified Living Dead Part 2: In Shocking 2-D.
17:14 1500s.
19:55 Good old Johnny wanted to make a movie his kids could watch so he made Pirated-R Rats of the Cari-PG-13-en.
20:25 Pirates.
24:21 The world according to Orlando Bloom.
24:43 Press Kit of the Caribbean.
33:25 Elliot and Rossio predict this podcast…
57:20 Multiple sources on the internet said this was true, so it has to be true.
57:57 3 seconds of google didn’t immediately give me the answer, so I gave up.

Too lazy to timestamp all this VFX crap, so here it is. Also too lazy to make link text:


And here’s just another random article that has some cool info about the first one: http://www.ign.com/articles/2003/06/25/depp-bruckheimer-talk-pirates


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Episode 11.5: Pyrotechnic Energy Plasmoids

Do you even know what pyrotechnics are?

This month you can tell we were kind of scraping the bottom of the barrel. The problem is not that there’s no X-Men stuff to cover, it’s that theres too much. And too much of it is too complex for us to put together an episode in a month. So we decided to cover Night of the Sentinels, the first two episodes of X-Men: The Animated Series. It was written by Mark Edwards Eden and aired in October and November of 1992.


3:26 Dazzler. Weird how her Wikipedia page has more info than her X-Men Wiki page. Anyway, she was in Pryde of the X-Men, but I don’t remember her being a big part of the story. Don’t think she was in the movies.
4:59 For more info about The Road, read this article about The Road, conveniently titled The Road. You can also read it on the road. Or you could just read The Road.
5:04 No, that’s The Long Walk, the first book Stephen King ever wrote. But not the first he published. And sure as hell not the last. Dang Stephen King.
8:29 Look at this. I mean look at this. This is just a random cartoon and it looks so much better than most stuff out there. Of course they did blow a ton of the animation budget on the intro and the actual series looks nowhere near as good 99% of the time, but still.

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Episode 11: A-popcorn-lypse

We don’t eat while recording. Surprise.

This month we return to watch another trilogy that we actually watched in December (I think. I can’t even remember anymore.) It’s X-Men: First Class, Days of Future Past, and Apocalypse. Logan is currently sitting at what 95% on Rotten Tomatoes? Which is a pretty far cry from Apocalypse, but we sat through that movie for you anyway.


4:51Mag-neato. Pretty neat how this never actually got made. Instead they made First Class, which is a first class movie in my book.
6:01 The heck is this crap?
6:39 Speaking of Inception, apparently some ideas behind Inception and First Class were similar.
9:17 More about Lawrence, Mystique, and possible Mystique spinoff.
15:54 Oh god. Oh god. Vaughn. No.
17:50 Some stuff about special effects and some of the tight schedules they faced.
18:56 Read those article here and here.
19:27Here’s more about the most famous scene from Days of Future Past.
19:45 And here’s more about the shameless rehash of that scene in the next movie.
22:49 Yup. Well, this is probably just a joke. But yup. Almost as bad as those La La Land “If you’ve already seen it, see it again” ads.
33:39 Bryan Singer is dead in the X-men universe.
34:04Those cheekbones.
45:42 If you don’t know what it looks like, this is what it looks like. Also I guess it wasn’t where I thought it was, unless they also put one up on that huge billboard across the street from LAX.

Other stuff:
Interview with cast & crew of Days of Future Past.
Special effects in Apocalypse
Days of Future Past interview with Bryan Singer
Interview with Michael Fassbender
90 things to know about Days of Future Past
Costume designer Louise Mingenbach on Days of Future Past


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Episode 10.5: Where’s Master Human?

According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way that a human should be able to fly.

This month we venture into the amazing world of 2D-3D fusion animation. I don’t think we’ve even watched something in 2D for this show yet? Well whether or not we have before, we have now, it’s Secrets of the Furious Five. It was released on November 9, 2008.


1:03 Find another series with a worse naming scheme. Go ahead. I guarantee you can’t do it cause there isn’t one.
9:18 Those flower things are literally part of her. Dreamworks!!! *shake fist angrily in the air*
15:16 They actually released this on an album. Still all about the Campfire Song though.
19:47 He’s a snow leopard.

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Episode 10: The Kaboom of Doom

Anyone notice that kaboom rhymes with doom?

This month we return with not only the newest movies we’ve watch so far (for two months anyway) but also our first animated trilogy! And it was pretty good apparently. It’s Kung Fu Panda 1,2 and 3. Will there be a fourth? The world may never know.


2:52 Little Panda Fighter is another animated movie about those lovable black and white bears. Except the panda in LPF actually isn’t lovable at all. But hey, at least he has some sick dance moves.
5:19 Full interview with director John Stevenson here. John Stevenson is one of the most normal names ever by the way.
8:08 And you can read about their hilarious adventures here.
9:31 Yeah, that was the link above. In the months since we recorded this, I’ve tried to come to terms with the fact that I’ll never appreciate those noodles, but I couldn’t. It’ll haunt me for the rest of my life. Or something.
15:53 Pandamonium! Get it?
17:55 Full interview with Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger. Yup.
26:35 A bit about the development of Kai from the third one.
28:42 More about how KFP 3 was a Chinese co-production.
31:34 Lol.

Other stuff:
Behind the scenes of Kung Fu Panda 2
Which KFP2 jokes did Charlie Kaufman write?
KFP2 premiers in China
Write up from New York Times
Other short review type thing



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Episode 9.5: Betrayu

Oh man sorry I betrayed you.

Yes, this time we talk about one of Kiyan’s favourite books. The book that is far superior to the second and third movies, and superior to most of the first movie too. Wow. It’s The NeverEnding Story written by Michael Ende.


5:18 Behold. The greatest arm movement ever animated.
15:09 America! Fu- err… uh… *ahem*… heck yeah!
21:03 I’m just gonna leave this here. Go ahead. Click on it.

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Episode 9: The Five Falkors

The crossover event of the year!

You might notice a friendly cricket during this recording. We’ve named him Garage Cricket. Gary for short. Well actually by we I mean me, and by named him I mean I made up that name right now. Look the topic at hand is The NeverEnding Story, and spoiler it’s not as good as when you watched it as a kid so maybe just don’t watch it again. Well the 2nd and 3rd for sure, not sure about the first. Rose tinted goggles and all that. The NeverEnding Story was released in 1984, 1990, and 1994.


4:07 And here you can read about him rightfully regretting that decision.
9:33 This guy. Thanks for Gmork man. He looked pretty cool.
10:48 Steven Spielberg has AURYN now… also, you won’t want to miss these 13 other amazing facts doctors don’t want you to know about The Neverending Story.
11:19 My current jam.
13:50 More about the 25 people needed to make Falkor work and the other puppets in the film.
14:31 It’s in a link at the bottom.
18:27 You won’t believe the top 9 reasons why adults shouldn’t watch Neverending Story!
19:50 And if you want to know what the actors are up to now 30-something years later, you can check this out. But maybe skip over Bastian’s gnarly dreads.
29:30 Watch. Watch and be amazed.
31:31 It’s Pyornkrachzark. I wonder how much time they could’ve tacked onto the movie by saying that name instead of Rock Biter. Cause it would’ve added up.

Here are a couple other sites we got info from. They’re definitely not super old and of dubious reliability or anything.
The second one is where you can find all that production artwork we mentioned. Just click “storyboard”on the sidebar there.

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Episode 8.5: False Fun Facts

Facts aren’t supposed to be false…

Yessir here we are, we’ve gathered up 5 of our best friends and then none of them showed up to talk about the Magnificent Seven so we kind of had to improvise and do it ourselves. The Magnificent Seven was released in 1960.


0:32 Hmmm…
5:45 It’s a sickle.
6:13 Obelix best character.
16:31 And now of course I can’t find it. Well at least I couldn’t find it in 30 seconds on Google, and I’m not willing to try any more than that.
25:16 Is Obama’s statement a joke? the world may never know.
37:55 What? What channel? Where? Why? How come nobody ever told me about this? Where am I? What’s my name? What’s going on?
40:29 There’s Return of the Seven, with only Yul Brynner returning, Guns of the Magnificent Seven, with no returning cast members, and The Magnificent Seven Ride, with Lee Van Cleef as Chris.

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Episode 8: They All Pretended in Different Languages

Kiyan and Dylan should record this podcast in different languages.

Remember when I said that Year 2 of Triple Play was starting with high octane high stakes movies? Well that died immediately because this week we have The Dollars Trilogy, directed by Sergio Leone. Not necessarily not high octane, but we did come close to falling asleep while watching because of good decisions.


4:59 Including me. I’ve been called the greatest director of all time. Not sure what the guy who called me that was talking about cause I’m not a director.
5:30 So how did Leone and the spaghetti western get their start? Beats me, but I heard these sites have pretty decent write-ups.
8:20 More about the movie’s original title and release.
8:33 Meh.
11:29 He gets sent this pleasant letter and starts fanboying out. I wonder what Kurosawa did with all the money he made off of the movie. Maybe he bought a thousand chihuahuas.
20:22 You can read more about Morricone here. You can also watch this thing or something.
22:13 I get the strange impression that he doesn’t like questions about Back to the Future.
39:02 Specifically here.
40:21 More about that and more on the movie in general here.
47:28 Carla Leone.
52:46 Production code.

Here’s some other stuff we referenced in this. Some of them are documentaries I watched on Youtube that were broken up into multiple parts, so I’ll just link to the first part and you can find the rest easily.
Filming A Fistful of Dollars
Leone’s West
Short Leone interview
The Leone Style
Once Upon A Time: Sergio Leone
Ennio Morricone documentary
Sergio Leone – The Way I See Things
The Man With No Name

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Episode 7.5: LLGlglllgLgLGlGLl

And that’s when everyone realized we’re sponsored by LG.

This month Kiyan and Dylan make a snap decision between precisely 2 expanded universe options for the Bourne trilogy: A book, or the TV movie. Naturally they chose the TV movie because it was less time consuming. The Bourne Identity TV movie was written by Carol Sobieski and aired in 1988.


1:38 Keyser Söze. They named him that just because the ö looks like a surprised face. Trust me.
4:22 The extended cut of the movie, available only on laserdisc, features Washburn more heavily and goes into detail about his brother Freezerburn.
5:33 Wombosi.
24:22 Apparently a syndrome only includes symptoms that might be related to a disease while a disease is an actual medical condition. Also apparently nobody cares and just uses disease and symptom interchangeably. Good enough for me.
27:25 Check out my new hit single, “What Does The Murloc Say?”
28:44 It was Evolution.
30:50 Nope, it came out on DVD and even blu ray.
32:16 According to the supposedly-official robert-ludlum.com, he’s named Jason Bourne because he’s “born” again after losing his memory. Other sources say he’s named after real-world amnesiac Ansel Bourne.

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