Firefly 3 – Bushwhacked

I’ve never been bushwhacked, but I have been whacked. Unfortunately. (Editor’s note: wack.)

Now I’m pretty sure being bushwhacked just means you get whacked while you’re in a bush. I was in the mafia for a day, I can guarantee this is correct. Whenever my underboss would come to me to tell me to bushwhack someone this is exactly what he told me. Promise. It’s Bushwhacked, written by Tim Minear and aired on September 27, 2002

2:22: Here’s the lexico definition of bushwhacked for all the budding etymologists in the audience. And here’s the Merriam Webster definition. And the Urban Dictionary definition I guess. Etymonline suggests a more sylvan origin to the word.
4:10: Check out Trust Your Doctor: A Doctor Who Podcast, our Doctor Who podcast.
5:46: Serenity: 1 hour 26 minutes. The Train Job: 43 minutes. Bushwhacked: 45 minutes.
6:50: Fine, fine, here’s the Family Guy cool whip bit. 15 seconds of googling has informed me that Family Guy was the originator of the bit.
7:52: The future versions of Dylan and Kiyan dropped in on our Five Doctors episode of Trust Your Doctor.
9:24: Dylan is, surprisingly, not lying when he explains all these nonsense Spikeball rules.
14:33: I’m just gonna link for you so you can follow along with this next bit.
20:04: Finding Serenity is less an academic article and more a 256 page book of critical essays, apparently.
21:22: Glenn Yeffeth is actually some publisher/writer/marketer guy.
37:37: In My Mind is a… sort of semi biographical look at Patrick McGoohan.
53:48: The Kuleshov effect is “a mental phenomenon by which viewers derive more meaning from the interaction of two sequential shots than from a single shot in isolation.”
57:40: Apparently the name for these people, at least in WWII, were the Japanese Holdouts.
1:05:40: Something something wagon train to the stars.
1:07:13: Here you go, go learn about Zeno’s paradoxes to keep your evening interesting.
1:10:04: Warning: blood.
1:11:13: Wow, believe it or not I actually found the Godzilla site in my history. It’s not plain white, and was actually updated post release with a review of the film. From what I can see it was last updated in 2004.
1:13:28: Look at the poster for The Sarah Connor Chronicles and tell me it’s not the most 2008 thing you’ve ever seen.

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