The Prisoner 18 – In My Mind

I have no mind left after this show.

So we’ve finally actually finished yet another show. No more Prisoner. I swear. Absolutely none. We will do no more Prisoner ever.  The next season of Inevitable, as usual, will have absolutely nothing to do with this season. You know how it goes right? It’s In My Mind, written by Chris Rodley and released on October 30, 2017.

11:20: Check out Zenith: A Blake’s 7 Podcast on which we Pronounced Stephen Greif’s Name Wrong for About One Year.
13:16: Midnight Only’s write-up on Once Upon a Time includes Alain Carrazé and Hélène Oswald’s brief portrait of the infamous press conference .
19:29: The movie shot at the Huntley Hotel was Point Blank.
27:33: “That guy” = Ian L. Rakoff
29:12: Apparently the meme was real? According to CNN anyway.
51:49: Arrival, Chimes of Big Ben, Free for All, It’s Your Funeral, Checkmate, Many Happy Returns, Schizoid, ABC, The General, Dance, Hammer, Do not Forsake, Living in Harmony, Girl Who was Death, Change of Mind, Once Upon a Time, Fall Out
1:03:45: Reverse deja vu = jamais vu
1:09:36: The audio takes a hit here cause I didn’t realize Audacity wasn’t using the mic. Sorry.
1:16:30: Check out our other podcast, Trust Your Doctor: A Doctor Who Podcast.
1:19:50: Check out the Tin Dog Podcast and Round the Archives.
1:28:30: We do a movie trilogy podcast called Triple Play, which we’ll be doing after this season of Inevitable is done, i.e. now.

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