Firefly 5 – Safe

Kiyan, as soon as we finish: Why the hell was this episode titled “Safe” anyway?

One day I’d like to be safe. Safe from all of this nonsense that we have to face in the world. Mostly the nonsense of the podcast. Every morning I wake up remembering that this is my life’s work, that this is what I’ll be remembered for when I’m gone. Sobering thoughts to wake up to. It’s Safe, written by Drew Z. Greenberg and aired on November 1, 2002

0:52:  Here, enjoy the wikipedia page for Private Practice.
2:11: Drake Bell went to jail for child endangerment charges.
12:44: If you too haven’t watched High School Musical, here’s everything you ever needed to know on High School Musical.
15:00: There’s an apple wiki page for the iPod shuffle, of course.
16:06: XKCD 1053 (damn that’s old) (Editor’s note: Yeah, XKCD is old as hell, which in [art explains why it’s so unfunny.)
19:24: Could’ve fooled me.
28:24: Patrick Jane is one of the coolest television characters. Etymonline says that Jane is a female name. The etymonline bio page is a pretty interesting read too.
29:08: Behold the extensive work of almost one single person bringing to you the etymology of the name Jane.
36:54: For (WAY) more on the guns of Firefly, check out the show’s IMFDB page.
41:23: The Prisoner (1967)
51:40: Here’s the article on “thou shalt not suffer a witch to live” I was talking about.
1:06:43: Here’s the paste article I talk about for a while.
1:08:20: Netflix still sends out DVDs, and redirects to the brand new
1:09:05: The only citations I could find for there being a Chinese proverb about badly carved swans is, amazingly, Firefly. But I did find the first half of the proverb in a slightly different form, that is, “He painted a tiger, but it turned out a dog” although even that is unsourced. Make of this what you will.
1:12:52: Check out our movie trilogy podcast, Triple Play: A Movie Trilogy Podcast.

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