Firefly 6 – Our Mrs. Reynolds

Can you imagine if one of us just showed up to the podcast one day and got married for doing it?

Look so once upon a time I’m sitting there and wait a minute I realized I started a description almost exactly the same way already this season on Inevitable. Shoot, I’m losing my touch and my creativity. It’s Our Mrs. Reynolds, written by Joss Whedon and aired on October 4, 2002

1:48: We will not be watching LAX for this podcast, because it does not qualify even in the most tenuous and broad definition of “Sci-fi.”
6:27: Colin Gordon is the other Number 2 who appears more than once on The Prisoner (1967), appearing in both A. B. C. and The General.
12:47: I’m just going to quote Kiyan’s previous show note, because why not: “The Kuleshov effect is “a mental phenomenon by which viewers derive more meaning from the interaction of two sequential shots than from a single shot in isolation.””
17:05: I actually can’t remember which episode of Star Cops is the one where I (Dylan) went on a rant about taking paper to the moon, so here’s a link to Star Cops Episode 1, as covered on Inevitable.
23:47: The quote is “Get in good trouble, necessary trouble”.
27:45: Interestingly China is actually the opposite, leaving food on your plate is considered a respectful way to show that you ate enough.
33:10: It’s More Likely Than You Think.
37:55: Should we bring these 90s carpets back? Probably not.
43:01: The KGB invented lipstick that shot bullets because… I don’t know why.
44:13: They made this gun knife thing.
57:04: “Fridging” is a trope where a female character is unceremoniously killed off (or “stuffed in the fridge”).
1:08:24: Check out Delayed Replay, and especially the K9: Timequake episode of Delayed Replay.
1:11:10: The Suite Life of Zack and Cody was a television show, and I wish we would stop talking about this to be honest.

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