Star Cops 1 – An Instinct for Murder

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This is the very first episode of a brand new podcast, only the fourth time that we’ve done this! We should be experts at this by now, and yet somehow I still didn’t set any of this nonsense up until the night before it was supposed to be released. An Instinct for Murder, written by Chris Boucher and aired on July 6th, 1987.


0:00 Before we even get into anything, check out our other podcasts, Trust Your Doctor (where we watch all of Doctor who in order), Zenith (where we watch all of Blake’s 7 in order), and Triple Play (where we watch movie trilogies).
6:58 Space Fall is a currently ongoing Blake’s 7 podcast. They’re pretty great, so check them out. Flight Through Entirety, similarly, is a great ongoing Doctor Who podcast that you can check out.
8:45 Big Finish has a few Star Cops offerings these days.
18:56 Reminder that this masterpiece plays in its entirety in this episode.
25:54 Star Trek Enterprise started in 2001. Here’s what the intro sounded like.
30:13 Henry David Thoreau. My bad.
34:25 More about the first crime committed from space.
37:28 Her full name is Pal Kenzy. We get it right in later episodes.
58:56 More on the Rolex murder mystery.
1:06:52 I was thinking of Ian Cuthbertson.

Star Cops © The BBC
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Don’t you find it interesting that when Nathan is in the interview room that the Americans and Russians aren’t on the video call? There are like 4 video calls happening at once but only two speak. Presumable in this future video calls are charged by the minute? I get one is supposed to be Swedish and the other Eastern German? He says to her “unlike you I was elected to office.”

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