Firefly 8 – Out of Gas

I almost ran out of gas getting to the gas station the other day.

So I’m pretty sure I have a 10 gallon tank and somehow the other day I put 10.2 gallons in my car. Either I somehow have a larger tank or I overfilled the car. Or, by some miracle, my car was literally running on fumes. Look there must be a simple explanation to this but for some reason I choose to believe the most fantastical. It’s Out of Gas, written by Tim Minear and aired on October 25, 2002

1:44: Literally via the the Oxford English Dictionary [Editor’s note: is this just a copypasted definition from the page for “literally?”] I. a. In a literal, exact, or actual sense; not figuratively, allegorically, etc. […] c. colloquial. Used to indicate that some (frequently conventional) metaphorical or hyperbolical expression is to be taken in the strongest admissible sense: ‘virtually, as good as’; (also) ‘completely, utterly, absolutely’.
2:06: Doctor Who: Flux Episode 1: The Halloween Apocalypse went out on October 31, 2021. Our episode on it will go out in November 7, 2021. Catch it on Trust Your Doctor: A Doctor Who Podcast, our Doctor Who podcast.
3:56: 10 Hidden Details You Missed in The Episode Out of Gas. This has to be the worst article title of all time, by the way.
17:04: Believe it or not, both cosmetology and cosmology both originate  (if you go far enough back) from the word kosmos. Thanks etymonline. [Editor’s note: Wait, why is this hard to believe?] 21:20: Gonna link the Magnum, PI wiki for all you under-30s out there. [Editor’s note: We’re under 30.] 22:26: Here’s a good article on being an accent chameleon.
33:10: Here’s the TV Tropes recap page for Out of Gas in case you really REALLY have nothing better to do.
59:27: I don’t remember what my order was either, but you can find out for me if you go and listen to our Fall Out episode of Inevitable.
1:04:30: Angel began airing in 1999, so before Firefly.
1:05:43: Never eat pears. Also I was mistaken, this was in Human Nature, not Blink.
1:11:12: NaNoWriMo 2021 has officially started. If you want to read my (Dylan’s) novel as I write it, I’m putting the full text online day by day over here.
1:12:29: The documentary is called What We Left Behind.
1:13:31: Apparently the Science Channel re-ran Firefly in 2011.
1:15:59: Victor Mair writes a little on the mutual intelligibility of Sinitic languages. Many of them are not mutually intelligible when spoken.
1:19:18: To quote my show-notes from last week: “There is a Hallmark Christmas Movie podcast, it’s called Deck the Hallmark.” Their exact description is as follows: “Join Bran, Panda, and Dan as they attempt to watch and review Hallmark movies. Just 3 dudes…watching made-for-tv movies. What could go wrong?”

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