The Prisoner 17 – Fall Out

Help, I’ve fallen out and I can’t get up!

And so we come to the end of yet another show on Inevitable. We’re really just motoring through them now, and honestly with the quarantine and everything it works out pretty well given the lack of “going out” we’re all doing. And so with that I present to you definitely the last episode of this season absolutely. It’s Fall Out, written by Patrick McGoohan and aired on February 1, 1968.


16:30: Here’s one person’s interpretation of Play-doh’s cave as it pertains to education.
47:52: Check out Trust Your Doctor: A Doctor Who Podcast
53:47: Here’s the Bonnie and Clyde scene where they get shot to smithereens.
55:21: Here’s the syringe scene. And yes, it was from Saw 2. Watch at your own risk.
1:04:08: Here’s a definition of heterotopia that touches on stuff The Prisoner talks about.
1:05:55: No pun intended.
1:10:21: It is Paul.
1:12:43: Mise en abyme
1:14:06: And if you want to hear us talk about the Matrix and other movie trilogies, check out our movie trilogy podcast Triple Play: A Movie Trilogy Podcast.

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I Loved this episode of The Prisoner when I first saw it, as the ending was far from what I expected. Even after watching it a number of times, I am still not convinced that the Butler isn’t the real #1. I wish that network TV in the USA could come to something as fun as this series to watch. The mini-series version of this show really really really really really sucked and got me to go back and watch the original version. I think that the series was the right length, as if it had a second season, I think that the show would of lost that special thing that keeps people re-watching it all of these years later.
I am looking forward to future podcasts of other shows.

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