Firefly 9 – Ariel

Yeah, just to confirm, I still think of the font when I read this title.

The font is actually spelled totally differently, you know. It’s spelled like Arial, whereas this episode actually is spelled like the name of the little mermaid, Ariel. Just wanted to make sure I put that information out into the world. It’s Ariel, written by Jose Molina and aired on November 15, 2002

1:38: No, I will not tell you who I know on Greenleaf.
2:06: Here’s a picture of Jose Molina. Not to be confused with the baseball player, of course.
13:19: I actually thought about linking Robin Hood here, but if you don’t know who or what Robin Hood is then… come on, you know?
15:50: A surprisingly small amount of people actually realize that Ocean’s Eleven is a remake of a movie from 1960. We also talked about the original O11 on Triple Play.
28:57: Interstingly, House actually began airing after Firefly. Not that we were saying this was a direct and explicit reference or anything.
38:52: Speaking of Doctor Who, Doctor Who is back with Doctor Who: Flux! Check out our coverage of Doctor Who: Flux on our Doctor Who podcast, Trust Your Doctor: A Doctor Who Podcast.
40:42: Wikipedia has all the TV Parent’s Guide ratings documented pretty well.
57:37: Hear more of our unpopular opinions on Ocean’s 11/12/13 on Triple Play episode.

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