The Prisoner (2009) 2 – Harmony

I often seek inner peace, or to put it another way, harmony.

These one word titles are giving me wild “Alfred Hitchcock” vibes. If you didn’t know, he was quite fond of naming his movies after one word titles. For example, Psycho or Vertigo is probably his most famous,  but there’s also Deception, Suspicion, Notorious, Rebecca, Marnie, Rope, Sabotage, Saboteur (different movies, I know), Spellbound, Topaz and probably more I’m forgetting. Topaz is the most fun name but the most boring movie. Top tips with Dylan. Anyway, it’s Harmony, written by Bill Gallagher and released on November 15, 2009.

1:39: I actually couldn’t find the exact airdates for the ITV broadcast, but apparently it was in spring of 2010. This broadcast restored the 6-episode format whereas the original AMC broadcast actually affixed two episodes together into one big thing with one intro and outro over three days.
2:12: Here’s the livejournal post we talk about extensively throughout this episode. Jonathan Blum wrote The Prisoner novel The Prisoner’s Dilemma.
11:03: What is dreampunk? I dunno, but maybe this site can shine some light on the matter.
11:53: Check out Zenith: A Blake’s 7 Podcast for more on the origin of steampunk.
14:45: Palantir (not to be confused with Palantir) is an all seeing orb that was used for evil literally every time we see it in Lord of the Rings even though it’s “not necessarily evil itself.”
15:50: Check out Trust Your Doctor: A Doctor Who Podcast, our Doctor Who podcast, for more about Doctor Who.
18:10: If you google “triple x the movie” you’ll find exactly what we’re actually talking about. If you’re too lazy to do that you could also listen to this Triple Play episode instead.
21:23: Here’s what the poster of In My Mind (the Prisoner documentary) looks like. And hey, would you look at that – here’s our episode on it.
25:05: Nothing in his pocket but knives and lint.
27:41: Never wanted to ride on a bus more than I want to ride on the Malarkey Bus.
29:01: The image of 6 kneeling before the anchor.
41:43: We talk more about the history of Smile in the next episode. Apparently Brian Wilson did fill his dining room with sand during the making of the album.
43:05: The Jefferson Airship saga is well documented, but I think Kiyan is right. A lot more bands should change their name when they evolve and upgrade. To reduce confusion of course.
43:52: Apparently Nine Inch Nails is al/industrial rock.
58:25: The butterfly story/allegory is apparently from ancient Taoist philosophy.
59:30: Awake is obscure enough that I’m just going to drop the Awake wikipedia page here rather than anything else.

Here are some other random sites/sources consulted during this episode:
The Daily Pop – Harmony
Den of Geek – Harmony

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Any other references belong to their respective owners, no copyright infringement is intended by this podcast.

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