The Prisoner (2009) 4 – Darling

Oh my darling, oh my darling, oh my darling…

… Number 6. Number 6 was lost forever, oh my darling number 6. That’s how it goes right? That’s the version I remember being taught in school by 334, he was the best teacher we ever had. Some say that 571 was better, but I disagree, 334 is always going to be my favourite. It’s Darling, written by Bill Gallagher and released on November 16, 2009.

3:11: You can join us at the beginning of our Children of the Stones journey here if you haven’t listened to it.
8:25: I was unable to find a picture of the prisoner DVD menu, but this is the key art Kiyan referred to for the first disk menu, and this is the shrouded in darkness image I referred to for disk 2.
23:05: Ebay has forums and the forums are rife with discussions on spending too much money on weird things on Ebay.
29:47: Warning: Both of the following links are potentially graphic. But pigs do in fact know that they’re being led to slaughter, however they’re not the only animal, as cows seem to understand as well.
35:46: Jiggery-Pokery
36:20: Scientific-American has an interesting article advancing the theory that humans have evolved a chemical and biological process that detects and prevents sex with close kin. For those who are averse to Scientific America, the name of the mechanism is the Westermarck Effect.
45:41: I had the date utterly wrong, the infamous “family eats oranges with peel and all” Reddit Post was made on February 5, 2021.
54:01: The episode I was talking about here was Many Happy Returns, which we covered with Sgt. Draino.
1:04:41: Here’s a picture of a trashcan with a step. You’re welcome.

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