The Prisoner 7 – Many Happy Returns ft. Sgt. Draino

I don’t have very many happy returns right now.

So while I was recording this I was dogsitting, and about halfway through the episode the dog came into the room to stare at me. And it just kind of sat there staring at me with these huge eyes as if I hadn’t taken him for a walk that morning. And then he started squeaking at me, as if he wanted to go again. Long story short he had to wait for us to finish. Sorry dude. It’s Many Happy Returns, written by  Anthony Skene and aired on November 10, 1987.


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18:10: The Imperial March but every other beat is missing.
44:50: Here’s the story about the camera from the moon.
56:04: I don’t have time to find the exact theme we’re talking about here, but it’s on one of the three soundtracks for The Prisoner: File #1 File #2 File #3
1:25:00: “Antarctica isn’t attached to another continent either, Kiyan, explain that one.” – Dylan, 2020

Anorak Zone
Midnight Only

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