The Prisoner (2009) 6 – Checkmate

Checkwait a minute, I almost made the same joke as the last time we did a Checkmate.

We’ve come to the end of another show and rather unceremoniously bid it farewell for another. Sorry The Prisoner 2009, we hardly knew ye. How could we? You only had 6 episodes, that was like a month and a half of podcasting at best! It’s a good thing we didn’t make a Prisoner only podcast otherwise we would have really been done now. It’s Checkmate, written by Bill Gallagher and released on November 17, 2009.

1:31: Way back here in episode 1 of this season.
6:30: I don’t remember this dream at all, in fact this is the first I’m hearing of it.
17:53: To “lie in state” is to have your body displayed in a state building so that all citizens may come and see it before you get buried.
18:09: This scene from Spider-Man 3 might be one of the greatest in the history of cinema.
26:50: I Know There’s an Answer is a Beach Boys song, not to be confused with the similarly titled I Know It’s Today from Shrek: The Musical.
28:30: Here’s the opening to The Prisoner in case you wanted to get it stuck in your head agian.
31:07: And, just for you dear listener, here’s Ubik again for you just in case you forgot.
32:22: For even more fun, check out the page on Ubik on
36:33: The best picture of the green dome is right here, on Pinterest of all places.
44:30: We’re still doing the whole blog thing on our blog. We just don’t post every week anymore. (That only lasted like 3 months lol.)
45:25: Keith was on our episode covering “A. B. and C.” in the original Prisoner.
49:00: We talk a lot about what we would do if we were in charge of Doctor Who on our Doctor Who podcast, Trust Your Doctor: A Doctor Who Podcast.
51:48: Trump’s approval rating never exceeded 49% in the four years he was in office.

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