The Prisoner (2009) 1 – Arrival

The Prisoner Returns!

This is probably the most divisive show that we’ve done for Inevitable. Our fans have given us various opinions, from bad to great to love to dishonor on the Prisoner’s family. And yet here we are, forging forth and doing it anyway. Because 1) we want to and 2) it’s best to make your own opinions. It’s Arrival, written by Bill Gallagher and released on November 15, 2009.

1:25: You can find our new blog here. We planned on updating once a week at first, but we realized we couldn’t keep that up with how busy we are lol. We have two Prisoner posts up so far. The first is an introduction to the 1980 Prisoner video game and the second is a playthrough of it.
8:00: Our previous season on The Prisoner (1967) starts with Episode 1 – Arrival as well.
8:10: You can find the Could it Have Been Worse? article on the Unmutual Prisoner Archive.
12:26: If you want to listen to us talk way too much about Doctor Who for some reason, check out our Doctor Who podcast Trust Your Doctor: A Doctor Who Podcast. Also the name of the the city where this series was filmed is Swakopmund.
15:00: Buy your own copy of the Prisoner miniseries.
18:02: Pop Apostle’s page on this episode.
19:15: Here’s an example page from the AMC blog index, as well as one of the production notes that I referenced.
44:10: Here is the Wikipedia page for On Exactitude in Science as well as an online copy of the story in both its original Spanish and an English translation. Also, it was Baudrillard who touched on this story.
51:26: Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling
1:10: Here’s our episode on A, B, and C with Keith as a guest in our first season on The Prisoner. We talk about technology that was sci-fi in the 60s but real now.
1:05:30: If you want to hear us talk about an actual PJ Hammond episode, check out our episodes on Sapphire and Steel, like this one, the first episode.
1:13:03: And if you want to listen to us talk about movie trilogies for whatever reason, check out Triple Play: A Movie Trilogy Podcast, our movie trilogy podcast.
1:25:48: If you want to listen to a great Doctor Who podcast that covers Classic Who episodes in “excruciating detail” (their words, not mine), check out Krynoid Podcast.

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