UFO 7 – Kill Straker!

Something something, we didn’t even make an Eldrad Must Die reference somehow.

Honestly, with a name like Straker, it’s not too hard to comprehend why people would want to kill him. I mean, it’s such a pretentious name. Just listen to it as it rolls off the tongue. Straker. It’s harsh. Arrogant. Bombastic. Not saying we should kill Straker, just saying i empathize with Foster. It’s Kill Straker!, written by Donald James and aired on November 4, 1970.

2:57: We have an episode on The Prisoner’s Living in Harmony, if you’re so inclined to listen to more Inevitable. Also: The Girl Who was Death.
5:1: Redshirts is a good book, I would recommend you pick it up.
17:00: This is like the third time I’ve linked this Shado Library timeline.
20:27: Here’s that quora link for everyone following along at home. And yes, we have googled whether you can reattach someone’s ear for our podcasts. Don’t ask.
24:45: For more about Doctor Who, check out Doctor Who. Alternatively, check out our Doctor Who podcast, Trust Your Doctor: A Doctor Who Podcast.
50:50: Conveniently for you, dear audience, we have an episode of Trust Your Doctor on Curse of Fenric. Apparently I can’t even remember the name of the serial correctly, oops.
52:38: Here’s the Dumb and Dumber scene I was talking about. Not as overblown as I remembered it. Also, it was Jeff Daniels’ character, not Jim Carey’s.
55:17: Check out Zenith: A Blake’s 7 Podcast, our Blake’s 7 podcast.
56:23: Anorak Zone ranks this episode as the 17th best of UFO.
1:02:15: Are we filthy corpos too? (Editor’s note: I am. Dylan’s not.)
1:06:20: Wikipedia calls Afrikaans a “daughter language” of Dutch. Apparently I also had the direction of the mutual intelligibility backwards. See the link for more information.

Any other references belong to their respective owners, no copyright infringement is intended by this podcast.

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