The Prisoner 15 – The Girl Who Was Death

Lots of titles in The Prisoner seem to refer to death…

You ever heard that song about how God is a girl? Well maybe this is kind of like that, and The Prisoner is saying that Death is actually a girl too. I’m not sure about the veracity of that statement, of course, so when I’m dying I’ll report back with my findings about who or what even the grim reaper is. I’ll be sure to send them your best regards too. It’s The Girl Who Was Death, written by Terence Feely and aired on January 18, 1968.

13:22: Check out Trust Your Doctor: A Doctor Who Podcast if you want to listen to us talk about Doctor Who and Torchwood for way too long.
16:25: Baseball and cricket evolved from rounders, which I’ve never heard of but is apparently still played today.
23:41: Sideburns come from United States general Ambrose Burnside. Make sure to prepare yourself mentally before clicking this link and seeing this guy’s sideburns. You might need it.
28:30Alright so fine James Bond was the one who stuck the broom handle in and not the other way around, but like whatever man.
35:48 Incidents at Disneyland California.
36:27: Ghost Rider is a sketch-ass rollercoaster at Knott’s Berry Farm, an amusement park in Southern California.
39:20: Yeah, I have no idea what this stuff was called. I remember it being like canvas that you do something to to make it moldable or something like that. If anyone knows, hit us up and tell us.
43:51: Hey, we discussed James Wan and Leigh Whannel once.
50:20: I could barely find anything on sea-washed lighthouses, the ones that jut up out of the water, but this wave washed lighthouses page implies that they’re built on rocks or reefs that are only accessible at low tide.
53:21: This Napoleon family tree makes me dizzy.
1:06:24: Anchoring bias is when you rely heavily on a single piece of information, usually the first one you hear on a given topic.
1:20:30: If you want to listen to us do what we’re doing here but with Blake’s 7, check out Zenith: A Blake’s 7 Podcast, our Blake’s 7 podcast.

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