Mad Max

Don’t you get it? He’s MAD!

We start off season 4 of Triple Play off with a quite extensive discussion about the merits of Australian Cinema. We also completely change the format. That’s right, we’ve regenerated. Everything is different, and nothing is the same. Can you believe it? I can believe it. For this new era of Triple Play we’re starting off strong, with Mad Max, Mad Max: Road Warrior and Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome.

6:00: Check out all our other podcasts: Inevitable, Trust Your Doctor, and Zenith.
7:19: Tina Turner’s We Don’t Need Another Hero from Beyond Thunderdome.
11:36: Here is the link to that massive dissertation on the birth and rise of Australian Cinema.
16:43: I don’t live with this guy anymore. The passage of time between recording and release is weird.
20:05: Raising Kane has been the subject of controversy for years but it’s commonly accepted to be debunked.
23:49: If this episode was going to have a title it would be “Group of Amateurs Gets Together, Produces Garbage”.
25:25: Mel Gibson is an absolute lunatic.
27:45: Just go watch Allen v. Farrow and get the whole story and decide for yourself.
45:35: Here’s some information on Dog, dog.
46:12: I looked for 10 seconds and couldn’t find anything on the stunt show so “not well documented” seems to be accurate.
53:58: Read more about the legacy and influence of Mad Max in popular culture.
1:00:00: You can find out more about this wild stunt and others over here in this article and video.
1:03:00: Here’s where I got that quote from, for those who wanna read even more insanity. And read about the bar brawl they got into over here at BBC America.
1:05:28: Here’s Screenrant’s really questionable Mad Max article.
1:06:45: You thought I was lying when I said this behind-the-scenes documentary was fourty minutes long.

Sources and other stuff:
Indiewire Article about Beyond Thunderdome
George Miller Interview

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