The Robert Langdon Trilogy

Here it is, our crowning achievement, obviously.

I honestly didn’t think these movies could be that bad. Hoo boy was I surprised then when we actually watched these bad boys. And when I say bad boys I mean bad. Tom Hanks, the absolute opposite of whatever the hell Dan The Man Brown had in mind when he was writing Robert Langdon, is here to save the day. Yes, that Tom Hanks. It’s DaVinci Code, Angels and Demons and Inferno.

2:13 Troll and Triple X are both trilogies we’ve unfortunately watched for this podcast.
5:39: Here’s the exact excerpt I’m reading from at this point.
12:30: Might as well link to The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo because it’s a good movie you should all watch.
13:35: The American Society of Cinematographers has an article about The DaVinci Code filming in Paris as well as the lighting details of the whole movie.
22:02: Screenrant (groan) has an article about what’s real and what’s fake in The DaVinci Code. Here’s a much better article about what’s real and what’s fake from NBC.
26:20: National Treasure came out in 2004, we should note, not DaVinci Code.
29:13: Apparently this is completely wrong. The Writers Guild of America has apparently gone on strike 5 times in the last like 80 years.
34:43: Here’s the CERN page on what they do, thanks to Angels and Demons.
48:56:  Forbes tried to figure out why Inferno was a domestic box office disaster. The answer is not good.
55:42: There is going to be a play version of DaVinci Code though.
56:40: This joke aged well. Season 5 of Triple Play will be our last.
57:28: We did not do this.
59:49: We didn’t do this either.

Some other miscellaneous sources:
An article detailing the differences between the versions of DaVinci Code
Some BTS videos on Angels and Demons: Writing the Script & In Search of the True Story
An article from the Guardian on all the fake tourists they used to pad the Vatican in Angels and Demons
Town and Country Magazine talked about the historicity of Inferno
An interview with Tom Hanks and Felicity Jones about Inferno

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