Not overwhelmed. Not underwhelmed. Just whelmed.

We made an extremely poor decision on what to watch this week. Extremely poor. The Holy Grail knight might tell us that we had chosen “poorly.” I’m actually running out of things to say to describe just how bad of an idea this was to even attempt at all, and yet we still decided to go for it. Because why not? It’s the worst movie of all time and quite possibly the least connected trilogy in existence: Troll, Troll 2, and Troll 3. Allegedly.


1:22 Troll 3 came out in 1993 in the U.S. according to Wikipedia (and IMDB and some other sites), but apparently came out in Italy in either 1989 or 1990. Which means it possibly came out before Troll 2.
1:57 Here’s the Troll 1 making of video if you’re interested.
2:45 Cellar Dweller is another movie directed by John Carl Buechler (pronounced “beekler” – we got it wrong when we introduced him).
4:12 The Neverending Story 1 came out in 1984.
6:35 Princess Bride came out in 1987.
7:57 If any upcoming movie fits into this mid-80s fantasy mold it’s The Kid Who Would Be King. (Maybe? Not exactly, but it’s not like there’s anything closer.)
9:48 I don’t think this is the same Neverending Story “then and now” article that I linked to back then, but this one’s better.
11:34 Heaven’s Gate looks kind of interesting.
15:01 Wayne Knight played Dennis Nedry in Jurassic Park.
19:42 IMDB lists the 1990 release date of Troll 2 without “video premier” and then lists a 1992 with “video premiere.” So the 1990 date is probably theatrical. I was thinking of this article, which says that “Best Worst Movie,” the documentary about Troll 2, was direct to video.
23:30 We confused Michael Stephenson, who plays the kid, with Jason Wright, who plays the boyfriend. The interview we confused with the previous on is here.
29:52 Here’s the blog post in question.
31:34 Troll 3 was direct to video in Italy according to IMDB.
34:25 Quest for the Mighty Sword is the other Troll 3.

Other stuff:
Fast Rewind’s Troll 1 behind the scenes info.

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