343: Like Getting Slapped With a Wet Sock (The Airzone Solution)

Ah, my favourite sensation.

So in the future, when we’re all wearing masks in order to stay alive, do you think we’ll look back on this movie as a warning? Probably not in al honestly, I think most people probably don’t even remember that it exists. I didn’t. And I wish to never again. See you all soon! It’s The Airzone Solution and released at some point in 1993.

0:56: Here, for your very own viewing and enjoyment, the Warped Factor review that I read from.
5:44: Did you know that the ineffable Dough Liman directed Chaos Walking to the point of it being unreleasable?
11:58: Yep this takes place in 2091. Amazing.
14:47: Might as well just link to the wikipedia page for Bill and Ben Video.
25:27: Go and watch Soylent Green instead of The Airzone Solution, it’s way more interesting.
25:56: Watching The Airzone Solution feels like being held at gunpoint buy you’re bored.
31:51: How to stage faint, for all you budding actors out there.
51:30: “In chemistry, a solution is a special type of homogeneous mixture composed of two or more substances.” – Wikipedia User, 2???. The two components of a solution are a solute and solvent.
51:59: I went on AO3 and looked for “Airzone Solution”  and actually found one f*cking fan fiction about The Airzone Solution. And it was published in 2020! Creepily enough, Arnie gets slapped by Ellie in this… with a wet sock. *Twilight Zone theme plays*
1:13:06: Which Peter? Blue Peter.
1:18:44: Really, actually starting in 15 minutes from when you heard us say this.
1:20:50: Check out Inevitable: A Classic Sci-Fi Podcast, our classic sci-fi podcast. It’ll be running (at some point) while Trust Your Doctor’s on hiatus.
1:21:04: The 2038 problem needs some levity added to it. Please, people. Start joking about this just to take the edge off how much it’ll suck when we get there.
1:25:52: I’m not saying you can watch The Airzone Solution for yourself on Tubi, but I’m not not saying that either.
1:27:20: Blow up canon or whatever, thank god we don’t have to paste this article anymore. Pretty sure I have it memorized now.
1:31:23: This is a reference to Battlefield.

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