Children of the Stones 4 – Narrowing Circle

Wait how do you have a narrow circle?

I’m starting to wonder if this series could be even more trippy if I dropped some acid or smoked some weed right before watching it every week. I think that’s what Matt is doing so why can’t I do it as well? Tune in next week for the resolution to this thrilling plot line. Just kidding. It’s Narrowing Circle, written by Jeremy Burnham and Trevor Ray and aired on January 31, 1977.


9:37: I could only find The Rhetoric of Temporality on Scribd, which you need an account for unfortunately.
18:49: According to this barbering timeline, barbers in ancient times (~900 according to this site) also performed surgeries and were called barber surgeons.
29:00: The Logan’s Run movie actually came out in 1976 and the tv series came out in late 77. It was actually Star Wars that came out on December 27, 1977 in the UK (just about a week before Blake’s 7).

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