Children of the Stones 6 – Squaring the Circle

Personally I find circles to be a much more pleasing shape than squares.

Oh god I can’t believe how late I was in uploading this episode. Or was I? In reality this podcast exists within a temporal loop, and is continuously being repeated for all eternity. Which means you’ve already heard this episode, and will hear it again soon. It’s Squaring the Circle written by Jeremy Burnham and Trevor Ray and aired on February 14, 1977.


1:30: Check out Triple Play: A Movie Trilogy Podcast
1:50: Squaring the circle is an actual thing.
3:59: If you want to hear us disparage Adric from Doctor Who way more than we do here, heck out Trust Your Doctor: A Doctor Who Podcast.
14:24: SnooPING AS usual I see. Also, here’s an explanation of Big Chungus for the uninitiated (like me).
25:50: If you for some reason want to hear us talk more about the Troll “trilogy” (including “Troll 3,” the movie we talk about here), check out our Triple Play episode on it.
27:23: Check out Krynoid Podcast

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