Firefly 10 – War Stories

If I could have titled this episode, it would have been titled “The Absolution of Jayne Cobb” (Editor’s note: I like “Toiling Down Memory Lane” better.)

Once upon a time I fought in a war. I mean, not really. I couldn’t even comprehend what it would be like to fight in a war. I’m actually a vehement pacifist. That last statement is true, by the way, I didn’t make it up for this sort of pseudo-story I’m telling in the episode description. It’s War Stories, written by Cheryl Cain and aired on December 6, 2002

1:16: I’d actually highly recommend checking out All That Jazz, it’s great.
12:28: It was me James, the author of All Your Pain.
12:55: I jerked you off at superspeed!
23:25: You can go back and find that discussion in our episode on Serenity.
26:15: Yeah, they were ghillie suits.
31:36: Ok, fine, you’ve twisted my arm. I’ll link to How The Grinch Stole Christmas. (Editor’s note: why? Also check out Trust Your Doctor: A Doctor Who Podcast, our Doctor Who Podcast, to hear us talk about Doctor Who.)
33:53: says that “masturbation is the result of sin”, not that masturbation is a sin itself. The guy I was talking about here was Onan. He kinda screwed in this whole debate honestly. For a potentially more “neutral” view on the topic, you can check wikipedia’s Religious Views on Masturbation.
37:44: GORE WARNING. Here’s the paper with surgical pictures of a reattached ear.
38:55: Here, go ahead, I know you wanted the article about reattaching someone’s genitals.
39:37: See show-note 37:44.
40:36: Couldn’t really find anything outright saying literati is a derogatory term, but considering what literati means I can definitely see it being used that way.
45:01: Fun fact, The Power and the Glory was apparently first published in the US under a different name.
46:20: For some reason the only video I could find of the ending to Bourne Identity included the entire credits. Also, check out our Bourne episode over on Triple Play: A Movie Trilogy Podcast, our movie trilogy podcast.
47:41: This is probably an overgeneralization, but oh well. Here’s Graham Greene’s bibliography by the way. Also the book we were talking about here takes place around/during the Cristero War, but there is a long history of religious suppression in Mexico.
52:46: A lot of Bond references this week. I’m referencing No Time to Die here, and I won’t link this scene or even try to find it because it’s still in theatres when this goes out and that’d probably be piracy.
1:04:09: Check out our first episode on Doctor Who: Flux here.
1:06:01: Check out how Firefly did in the ratings here on Wikipedia.
1:06:11: I regretfully link you to Lexx on Inevitable.
1:08:12: Here, no worries, future Dylan here to link you the TV Tropes page.
1:13:15: Flatland is also based on a book from 1884. How prescient. (Editor’s note: what?)
1:17:56: Dylan neglected to put the link that Steven provided here, but I’m guessing he was referring to this Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories commercial. The song is “Simple and Clean” by Utada Hikaru.
1:18:04: Check out the M4trix episode over on Delayed Replay.

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