Star Cops 3 – Intelligent Listening for Beginners

Personally I never intelligently listen.

My computer pretty much never listens to me. Although I know my personal FBI man is sitting somewhere, staring at me typing this feeling rather insulted. Then again, if he lets me create and release this podcast into the world maybe he deserves a gentle ribbing every now and then. It’s Intelligent Listening for Beginners, written by Chris Boucher and aired on July 20th, 1987.


2:49: The Sick Rose by William Blake
10:54: We mention the Anorak Zone site a lot, so here’s their page for this episode if you wanna see it.
17:49: It was Harold Godwinson.
19:20: It’s a bit from Brian Regan.
25:09: Wikipedia has a list of all (or at least a lot of) the organization that called themselves “Black Hand”
31:27: Unfortunately I can’t find the site again, but I’ll put it here if I end up finding it later.
32:51: Check out Zenith, our completed Blake’s 7 podcast.
42:25: That gif of Jordan Peele sweating

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I didn’t get that David John Pope’s character(sorry I can’t spell his name) made the worm program. I thought he said he got that information from the military. David asks him is the source military.

Have you noticed that the earth-moon shuttle model looks just like the old Concorde?

The guns were bought from Australia. So it does kind of make sense that Kensy would be on the shuttle. The glass ball thing is meant to be a bomb. Think Devis calls it a boxer.

Wait till you get to episode 5 the worst episode of the series. I tend to skip that episode on re-watches. I think at the time there was some kind of sporting event and this episode was put back to nearly 10pm at night. Probably didn’t help the viewing ratings.

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