Star Cops 5 – This Case to Be Opened in a Million Years

When I first read the title of this episode I genuinely thought it would be a briefcase.

It’s actually kind of surprising the speed at which we’re burning through these episodes. Considering there’s only 9 of them it really feels like we just recorded episode 0 the other day, and in reality we actually just recorded episode 7. Which means in just two short weeks we’ll have watched and recorded an episode for every episode of Star Cops already. It’s also weirdly interesting that an episode that deals with radiation, and thus obliquely a half life, is halfway through the season. It’s This Case to be Opened in a Million Years, written by Philip Martin and aired on July 27th, 1987.


1:17: Check out Zenith: A Blake’s 7 podcast if you like Blake’s 7.
2:30: A stormtrooper bumped his head on a door in episode IV. According to the Star Wars wiki this was a mistake that made its way into the final movie.
15:39: The Euro got its start in the late 90s and early 00s, but had been in the planning stages for way longer.
21:21: Gallery of Piet Mondrian paintings
29:25: It was from Bad Dudes.

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Stop classing Star Cops as sci-fi. It isn’t sci-fi. It is a police crime drama that just happens to be set mostly on the moon.

You should consider watching Moonbase 3 at some point. It is only 6 episodes. The series was missing for 20 years until the 6 episodes were found at a Canadian broadcaster’s archive. I think it was Canadian.

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