Star Cops 7 – A Double Life

Alternate title: Online Guess Who Champion Anna Shoun

I just realized how much easier this show would be to do if we both also had clones. Can you imagine if there was a clone Dylan whose entire job is to just edit this podcast? Straight up I would save so much time if I had another version of me to do that. This weekend I spent upwards of 5 hours on Trust Your Doctor. 5 hours! It’s A Double Life, written by John Collee and aired on August 17th, 1987.


1:26: Here’s the 30th anniversary article from We Are Cult.
10:54: Guess Who gameplay demonstration
33:59: yes, Chris Boucher is still alive. The Kaldor City series was released in the early-mid 2000s, with expanded universe stuff coming out up until 2012.

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These are some of the best lines in the entire episode in my opinion.

Colin, Nathan and Box in the recreation room eating:

Nathan: Box question genius how can someone be in two places at once?
Box: You have said… Pass.

Nathan: Is that another of my sayings? Well erase it.
Box: Erasing. In future how should I reply?
Nathan: You ask for more information.
Box: Certainly Nathan, may I have more information.?

Colin: Maybes he had a twin?
Nathan: Maybes he had a twin(said in a sarcastic way)
Colin shrugs his shoulders
Nathan: Box check the medical records.
Box: There is no record. Bang goes another good idea.

Cloning is an interesting idea for a future crime but from what I have read and seen on the internet cloning doesn’t work. Especially if the cloning experiments of that sheep Dolly is anything to go by. Her clone died at the age of 6. Sheep usually live about 12 years but Dolly was cloned at the age of 6 I think so when the clone was born it already had the DNA of a 6 year old sheep. If I was cloned my clone would have the DNA of a 45 year old. When my clone is 45 he will have the DNA of a 90 year old. By the time he is 25 years old he will be an old man DNA wise.

Come on guys. You should of realized that those embryos were those of Commissioner Sleer (I don’t dare say Servalan) of the Federation. Did you not learn while doing Zenith?… lol… Great to see you guys doing another one of my favorite SciFi shows of the past.

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