Star Cops 8 – Other People’s Secrets

Two people can keep a secret if one of them is dead.

I have never seen a psychiatrist, but I have seen a psychologist. And I’m starting to really wonder how that distinction could be so massively lost in Star Cops. I mean, they do and perform completely and utterly different tasks so the confusion between the two is honestly baffling. Unless Parr just happens to be a psychiatrist that also performs psychological duties, which then that’s all well and good. It’s Other People’s Secrets, written by John Collee and aired on August 24th, 1987.


13:15: Check out Zenith: A Blake’s 7 Podcast, our Blake’s 7 podcast.
32:27: War Horse was directed by Stephen Spielberg
43:33: More about Bright if you care. Also, Wikipedia describes this as urban fantasy and not high fantasy, so that’s a little disappointing.
46:24: Ok here we go:
Like the ripple of the water sends a message to the shore
So for now and ever after I will miss you more and more
It won’t be easy
No, no
I won’t be easy without you
No, no
I won’t be easy
No, no, no.

Shine a light into the darkness find an answer everyday
How I wish that you were with me now I know that come what may
It won’t be easy
No, no
It won’t be easy without you
No, no
It won’t be easy
No, no, no.

Reach across the stars let them know you’re with me
Reach across the stars send out the word let them know what can be
Send out the word I remember you.

In the shelter of the moonlight in the shadow of the sun
In the silence that’s eternal there’s a blessing one by one
It won’t be easy
No, no
It won’t be easy without you
No, no
It won’t be easy
No, no, no.

Thanks, David.
47:34: The Big Finish Star Cops portal if you care.

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This isn’t a great episode but I think it is better than This Case to be opened in a Million Years. One thing that has bothered me about this episode is Kensy and Devis being on leave coming back to the Moon via the earth-moon shuttle. Pal gives Anna a present and something is said about the European space station that apparently Kensy had visited. It seems the station has a duty free shop? But they were on leave on earth. Did Kensy just happen to catch a shuttle to the station while she was on leave on Earth?

I get the feeling that John Collee didn’t do any research for this episode regarding shrinks or at least it doesn’t appear that way. Well not unless he was going for a useless Shrink vibe approach.

Lyrics: You are welcome. I used to own the 7″ single of the theme music and the lyrics I posted were off the top of my head. I have watched the series so much and often I know them virtually off by heart. Maybes I have too much time on my hands?

V: I only watched the first episode of the 1985 series when ITV screened it. Sadly the first episode screened during school holidays and seeing as how ITV were screening these episodes at nearly 11pm Mondays I didn’t get to see the rest of the series as I had school the next day and we had no VCR at the time. I still haven’t seen the series but from what I hear the series wasn’t that great. I did catch the V reboot from 10 years ago and found it to be very slow and cheap with CGI sets that you can clearly tell are just CGI backgrounds. Anna(or rather the actress playing her) would be a good choice for Servalan if the Blake’s 7 reboot ever happens.

Little Green Men and other Martians: This episode was always meant to be the series closer but it was originally meant to be episode 10 as episode 9 proper got cancelled due to a strike at the time. Episode 9 was going to be entitled Death on the Moon or Murder on the Moon(I have heard both) and was supposed to be a bit like Cluedo(or as you Americans know it Clue). Brian Lincoln was supposed to make a reappearance in this episode.

Series 2 if it had been made was going to be set on both the Moon and Mars. I don’t know if this would have worked though as there is no video link between earth and mars. There would be a time delay between the earth/moon and mars of between 5 to 20 minutes anyway. It wasn’t meant to be. BBC in the late 1980s didn’t like Sci-Fi or at least didn’t like spending money making them. After 1989 the only British made sci-fi on the BBC was Red Dwarf and the occasional Doctor Who repeat usually on BBC2.

Thanks for the podcasts and the trip down memory lane.

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