Star Cops 9 – Little Green Men and Other Martians

And so we have reached our second series finale.

The title of this episode remind me of that Star Trek episode that one time when Quark went back in time and it turned out he was the alien that crash landed at Roswell, New Mexico. That would have been the weirdest thing about this episode, tbh, if it had suddenly turned into a crossover with Star Trek. Can you imagine?! It’s Little Green Men and Other Martians, written by Chris Boucher and aired on August 31st, 1987.


1:39: This episode was always meant to be the finale to the show with the cliffhanger ending of them going to Mars. In the original plan this was episode 10, but one episode (the original episode 9) was cancelled and they just moved this one up.
5:29: Episode 5 was written by Philip Martin.
36:00: I’ll just leave this here again: Big Finish Star Cops hub
41:18: To them I say you should listen to Zenith: A Blake’s 7 Podcast.

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