The Prisoner 1 – Arrival

Who is number 1? We are number 1! *music cue*

Can you believe that we’ve made it to season 4? Speaking of which, like I said last week, Kiyan and I have been trapped in a personal podcasting hellscape. It just turns out that it’s a village populated by dozens of hundreds of more successful podcasts than ours. We don’t have names here, but I’ve been looking to see if I can find Sapphire and Steel anywhere in case they made it to this trap instead of the other one. It’s Arrival, written by George Markstein and David Tomblin and aired on September 29, 1987.


4:31: We go these dates wrong. It should be 1960 and 1963.
6:41: Here’s the Reddit community for The Prisoner. And here’s the specific post we talked about.
8:55: The Prisoner: A Complete Production Guide came out in 2007. Here’s CST Online, the site TV analysis/studies site we were talking about, btw. (Blog posts by Pixley below.)
18:45: Here’s the episode order chart on Wikipedia.
19:44: If you want to listen to us talk about Blake’s 7 for some reason, check out our Blake’s 7 podcast, Zenith: A Blake’s 7 Podcast.
20:09: Six of One is still active apparently. Their site is super old looking, but still being updated.
26:27: Here’s where you can listen to ITC Entertained the World, and they have two more episodes than they did when we recorded this (for a grand total of 5)!
31:29: Here’s Ron Grainer’s arrangement of the Doctor Who theme. Imagine this being played over some of the early Doctor Who intros, lol.
45:59: If you want to listen to us talk about Doctor Who (and now Torchwood!), check out our Doctor Who podcast, Trust Your Doctor: A Doctor Who Podcast.
1:01:54: Here’s Iron Maiden performing The Prisoner live. The Prisoner in Popular Culture page on Wikipedia is also worth a skim if you have a minute.
1:19:07: Behold: a chumbley in all its 1960s BBC budget alien glory.

Andrew Pixley’s blog posts:
When is a book not a book?
Well out of order
Village people

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YES! YES!! YES!!! … This is another of my favorite shows. This is one of the most brilliant shows ever made in my opinion, with an ending that is classic. Why they even attempted a remake of it is beyond me, and the people involved need to be blacklisted from all forms of entertainment. But I am thrilled that you guys are going through this show.

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